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A designer gift for Christmas: The perfect present for mum, dad & all your dearest

Ulmer Hocker
Children's Table Eiermann
Wooden Dolls
Uten.Silo I
WG 24
String Pocket
Eames House Bird
smow Gift Certificate
Plant Box H 65
Optimist & Pessimist
Rotary Tray
Tolomeo Tavolo Micro
Eames Wool Blanket - Dot Pattern
Panthella Mini Table Lamp
Kink Vase
Pair of sparrows
The Dots Metal Set of 5
Objects Ikebana Vase
Tray for Plant Box
High Tray
Restore Round Basket
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 Mini
Special Edition
Eyelet Side Table
Eames Elephant Small
Plant Box round
Objects Pouf
AJ Station Table Clock
Weber Side Table
Special Edition
Colour Block Blanket
Eames House Bird Walnut
Restore Tray
Platform Tray
Restore Storage Basket
Montana Mini
Nuage Vase
Eames Classic Trays
Panthella Portable
AJ Table Lamp
Uten.Silo II
Ball Clock
Bulb Wall Hooks
Night Clock
Girard Classic Trays
Dot Cushion 2x1
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Kasa Stackable Tray
AJ Roman Table Clock
Cone Base Clock
Chronopak Clock
Folded Shelves
Eames Elephant Plywood
Tulou Coffee Table
Tidelight Floor Lamp
Santa's Cap
Eclisse Special Edition
Special Edition
081 Réaction Poétique
Adada Rocking Horse
Vetsak Beanbag
Jaime Hayon Throw
Model 375 Table
Duck & Duckling
Ridge Vase
Matégot Coat Rack
Wire Basket
Découpage Vase
Ikeru Vase
Wooden Doll XL
Special Edition
Standard Bearer small
Night Clock Black
Beam Table lamp
Panthella Table Lamp
Customisable Greeting Card, Nativity (L)
Korpus Shelf, H 14 x W 90 x D 25 cm, Cream
S 32 V / S 64 V Pure Materials Special Edition, Oak, Black chrome, Without armrests
PH 5 Mini, Classic White
Montana Mini, Open module, Mist
Panton Wire Cube, 38 cm, Chrome-plated
Bicoca Table Lamp, Yellow
Componibili Metallic, 2 Compartments, Chrome
Bicoca Table Lamp, Pale pink
Tray Tables, H 30/34 x W 30 x D 30 cm, Black

A little smow magic – design classics as Christmas gifts

A USM Haller sideboard doubles perfectly as a unique advent calendar.......

Not only the eyes of design fans will burn a little brighter, but also those who are not quite so design-savvy will be very happy with an appropriate design Christmas present. And not just because it comes from the heart; but, because designer furniture or accessories are companions for life. And across generations: Quality that lasts forever.

Design gifts are one thing above all: something special. Whether, for example, timeless accessories and furniture by the Danish design legend Verner Panton, whose Panton Wire Cube or Panthella lights are still very popular today, or the Bauhaus era Wagenfeld WG24 lamp, which was originally designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1924, and today is a genuine design classic and universal Bauhaus icon guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who prefers clear and straightforward objects.

For enlightening moments, a battery lamp instead of candles: the Mooon table lamp from Fermob

Perfect for Christmas arrangements: the Ikebana vase from Fritz Hansen

The design classic gift guide

What is the best gift for whom? Recommendations that go beyond dad's obligatory socks or a new mug for your sister.

► Christmas gifts for your darling

► Christmas gifts for dads

► Christmas gifts for mums

► Christmas gifts for sisters

► Christmas gifts for brothers

► Christmas gifts for mothers-in-law

► Christmas gifts for children

Be inspired by our Christmas gift ideas and the variety of design pieces in the smow Christmas world!

Christmas gifts for your darling

While the choice of Christmas present unquestionably always depends on the interests and tastes of the recipient, you know your sweetheart well enough to be able to judge which designer gift will please them. For some it could be an object for the (home) office, for others a new addition for the house bar, and for yet others a light which is an illuminating eye-catcher on its own, such as, for example, Nessino from Artemide - iconic shape, trendy colour (if desired), always contemporary. And yet a classic!

Also makes your eyes shine, Nessino from Artemide

Does your preferred wine or gin feel more at home on a USM Haller bar trolley...

...or on the M4RS serving trolley from Tecta?

Oh my love ... - At Christmas, Vitra's Eames Housebird becomes a Lovebird

Montana's cabinets bring the colour of the festive sweet shop to every space

For big and small: Panton's Panthella lights are available in different sizes

Christmas gifts for dads

Slippers are a thing of the past – don't be afraid to trust your father with a flirtation with design, be that a timelessly classic reading lamp, a side table, a stylish pen or tool storage or even a wonderful comfortable reading, television or recliner?

A classic from Moormann, where the name alone inspires: Dad will love the Strammer Max

For garden or outdoor lovers, the Quasar lamp from Petite Friture

Not only a source of enthusiasm for fathers: the HAL Lounge Chair from Vitra

The classic, especially for Bauhaus fans, the WG 24 from Tecnolumen

Solid leather, modern design - the leather Acapulco Chair

Christmas gifts for mums

Mama is the best. No questions. Thus she deserves a Christmas gift that will sparkle not only over the festive period, but can be enjoyed for decades, is timeless and that connects her with her children, even if they have long since left home. Gifts such as, for example, a Flowerpot lamp by Verner Panton, a Shellpot vase by Ferm Living, a Rotary Tray from Vitra or similar high-quality, durable, stylish home accessories...

The Lato side table by &Tradition. Beautiful, functional and universal......

The Rotary Tray from Vitra is ideal for storing jewellery, perfume or as a fruit bowl

Whether as a vase, champagne bowl or decoration: with its delicate workmanship, the Shellpot vase from Ferm Living fits into any furnishing style

An absolute classic: The Flowerpot lamp from &Tradition was designed by Verner Panton in the 1960s, and is available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Christmas gifts for sisters

Cool accessories and designer furniture classics: Whether in trendy pastels, bright colours or in restrained beige tones, classic and contemporary designer furniture and accessories make the perfect gift for every sister.

The Night Owl lamp by Fritz Hansen is not only a suitable gift for night owls

A side table and a shelf: the Panton Wire Cube from Montana is available in a range of colours and sizes

Practical and super stylish: the expressive Weber side table by Objekte unserer Tage

Blush rosé, sage green or stone grey? In addition to white and black or oak, the String Pocket shelf is available in numerous bright colours

Christmas presents for brothers

Whether older or younger, there is an appropriate and fitting design classic for every brother! A desk, for example, or floor lamp, a modular storage system or - and instead of the obligatory book - a (book) shelf. Or how about a side table, such as the Tray Table by Hay or even the Ulmer Hocker.

The Ulmer Hocker from WB Form is not only a genuine design classic, it is also available in your brother's favourite colour

Ingenious reading lamp from the 1920s: the Kaiser Idell floor lamp from Fritz Hansen

Kay Bojesen's monkey is just as good at hanging out with your brother as you are yourself.

Brings order and, if desired, a splash of colour: the Montana Mini

The Vetsack Beanbag is perfect for relaxing...

Christmas gifts for mothers-in-law

There's nothing that can make your mother-in-law shine like the right gift. And with a genuine design classic, you'll do more than just hit the mark - you'll win her heart forever. The special vase, a high-quality cozy blanket, a finely crafted lamp or storage that is also an eye-catcher are just a few ideas.

The Model 375 Table by Le Klint incorporates the finest craftsmanship

Whether for plants, books or drinks - the Plant Boxes from Ferm Living are storage space miracles and a great eye-catcher

Conjure up artistic arrangements in no time at all: the Ikeru design vase from Fritz Hansen

Christmas gifts for children

Design classics for children are very durable due to their extraordinary quality and timeless appearance and can be passed on through generations, so that not only your children, but maybe even your grandchildren can enjoy the decorative and furnishing objects.

For design-savvy offspring: the Eames Elephant for play and as a decorative side table

Not just for little architects: the Little Architect Table by Ferm Living

The Panton Chair Junior from Vitra is the perfect introduction to high-quality furniture design

Perfect for school beginners. And adjustable to grow with them: the Eiermann desk for children