Quest Management GmbH, Hamburg

Creation of a modern working environment in one of Hamburg's best location

Client: QUEST Investment Partners, Hamburg

Planning: David Löchner, Sophie Müller / smow Hamburg

Year: 2021

Areas furnished: Reception/lounge, individual offices, open space, meeting rooms, break area, think-tanks, canteen


That smow Hamburg and QUEST speak the same language and work effortlessly together had already been proven by both partners when setting up the QUEST office in Frankfurt am Main. It was precisely for this reason that QUEST approached smow again for the relocation of their Hamburg location and the corresponding furnishing of the new area.

The challenge was to design and equip the new office space in such a way that it met the demands of the team as whole for a modern working environment in one of Hamburg's premium locations. Desired was an open office in which each team member has a permanent workplace and also additional freedom for creativity and inspiration in different meeting niches, retreat and conference rooms. To this end it was necessary to integrate the existing office furniture from the old space into the new room concept and to create a working atmosphere that was adapted to the spatial conditions and the CI of the client. Of equal importance was to implement the office space concept successfully and on time despite the pandemic related delivery bottlenecks on the part of the manufacturers.. Mutual trust, transparency, commitment to deadlines and mutual esteem formed the basis of the project.

Project Manager

David Löchner

Managing Director, smow Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 767 962 00


Sophie Müller

Project & Furnishing Consultant, smow Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 767 962 02


Open space and private meeting zones harmonise perfectly in CI colours and harmonising lighting details


The realisation of the office expansion was actually "quick and easy, against all odds". Within just a few months, after the initial meeting in spring and the placing of the order in early summer, the inventory, coordination and adjustments to the designs were carried out. The first furniture was delivered when some of the office space was still under construction: but even this challenge was successfully mastered.

QUEST Investment Partners knew exactly what they wanted.

smow, on the other hand knew how these specific wishes could be implemented quickly and precisely in relation to the new premises.

This absolute win-win situation is reflected in the overall result, which appears as uncomplicated and straightforward in its structure as the partnership between the customer and smow was.

The colours of the rooms and their furnishings were adapted to the corporate identity of the customer, and acoustic and spatial requirements were taken into account in the equipment. Individual Vitra furniture is provided with special fabrics at the customer's request, and numerous classics shine in QUEST blue.

Project Synopsis

Communication is key, especially in a pandemic.
The trusting and uncomplicated exchange between QUEST and smow resulted in efficient project processing despite pandemic hurdles. In addition, and despite the inherent difficulties of the pandemic, a quick realisation of the interior design concept and a creative project design with clear lines in the client's CI was ensured. New furniture was planned, ordered, custom built and delivered for all areas of the QUEST office to complement the existing office equipment and interior design space. Reception/lounge, individual offices and open space, meeting rooms, break area, think tanks and kitchen with integrated lounge area were developed and created.

Sighted on the banks of the Alster in Hamburg, one of the best locations in the city, a modern working environment has emerged in the literal sense, which guarantees well-being in the corporate design of the company.

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