Schoenhaesslich, Stuttgart

Multifunctional (space) miracles happen: The redesign of an agency space

Redesign of the Schoenhaesslich agency room

Client: schoenhaesslich, Stuttgart

Planning: smow Stuttgart, smow Schwarzwald

Year: 2020

Areas furnished: Multifunctional office

Project specification: Redesign Creative Start-up Workspace

Project Manager

Jörg Oetinger,

Managing Director, smow Stuttgart

Telephone: 0711 620 090 00


Planning a multifunctional room
Planning a multifunctional space with smow and schoenhaesslich
Firmly integrated workplaces for agile work through smow
... and on to the integrated workplace
smow spatial planning for schoenhaesslich, Stuttgart
smow in Action - the Making Off
From the first sketches for schoenhaesslich by smow
From the first sketches...
Creative exchange at the smow workshop with schoenhaesslich
... to determining the requirements of the space...
New floor for schoenhaesslich by smow
... over laying the carpet tiles...
Creative space planning


A creative agency needs a creative workspace: in this case they had 40 square meters. And a lot of innovative ideas. But also a lot of demands on just one room; a room which has to be multifunctional with space for meetings, presentations, workshops, but also with agile workplaces and an adaptive photo studio with its associated equipment. As well as space for the all-important team breakfast. Elements predetermined by the fabric of the building, including a column in the middle of the room and the rather sub-optimal acoustics.

An ambitious project in which the concept of agility had to be reflected in all room settings in order to aid the agency work processes and advance creative solutions. In practical terms this meant for the smow project planning team creating an agile, adaptable space that is practical, self-contained and has a character appropriate for a creative agency.

Acoustic wall as a room divider


Ideas weren't the problem. Neither from smow nor the creative agency. In close dialogue approaches were assessed, discussed and interwoven by smow into a spacial concept that provides the required practical multifunctionality without the need for large scale rearranging. Precise interior design combined with empathy enabled all room settings to be integrated into the 40 square meter area.

The previously non-functional column in the middle of the room was transformed into a graphic element. An acoustic, colour and lighting concept unites the agency's creative workflows. The respective room setting, whether as a photo studio or a meeting room, is created using movable room modules; the mobile partition walls, for example, are room dividers, sound absorbers and privacy screens in one, while the photo studio is easily set up with scrollable backdrops. Contrary to the initial customer request to integrate flexible workplaces, smow convinced three permanently installed workplaces: creativity also needs solid structures as a basis.

Agile working is thus optimised. And, last but not least, the space looks good.

In the new photo studio from schoenhaesslich, designed by smow


It often takes an entire building to work universally. But not always. For the Stuttgart agency schoenhaesslich, smow succeeded in creating a multifunctional creative start-up workspace in which not only the interior design planning and conception was consistent, but also human and ergonomic requirements were included in the concept and implementation.

Smow arranged, assessed, discarded and incorporated ideas from the creative agency into the spacial setting. The dialogue carried out as equals transformed the room concept into a creative workspace in the literal sense: one which can function as both a photo studio and meeting room with a minimum of fuss and maximum of convenience. All furnishing modules are integrated in the room, based on a balanced acoustic concept and creatively matching design.

Spacial miracles can happen. 

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