Goodlife Company GmbH, Hamburg

Flexible office for a dynamic company

Client: Goodlife Company GmbH, Hamburg

Planning: smow Hamburg

Year: 2021

Areas furnished: Welcome area/reception desk, work café, meeting rooms, fun area, workplaces, flex work space


A healthy lifestyle that's fun - the Goodlife Company has made it its mission to make snacking healthier and to bring positive movement into the food market. The Goodlife Company includes brands such as HEJ, Protein Projekt and 'Naturally Pam', the brand by and with Pamela Reif. "Naturally" a company that is committed to Goodlife as a main brand also needs an office that conveys the mission and enables all employees to have a good working life.

The primary challenge was, on the one hand, to lead the Goodlife signature in context of the company's corporate identity through the office space and, on the other hand, to represent all associated and individually different brands at Goodlife's headquarters - a special task in terms of creativity. The starting conditions, which included a manageable budget, a windowless section of the office space and a low ceiling, were also demanding.

Project Manager

Pauline Elsässer

Project & Furnishing Consultant, smow Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 767 962 00


Leonie Aretz

Project & Furnishing Consultant, smow Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 767 962 00


A round of table football in a stadium atmosphere.......


The basis for the office design was a successful pitch from smow Hamburg which was revised and further developed after the commission was accepted. A holistic concept was then developed that met all the requirements. The key element was the colours and materials, which were worked out and coordinated down to the smallest detail, and which saw the wall colours and wallpapers play a central role in the implementation of the concept.

An attention to detail that underscores the office design concept and their implementation, including tailored carpentry work and inclusion of greenery.

The signature required by the CI of the Goodlife umbrella brand was unmistakably worked out in colours, materials and furniture and runs through the reception, offices and corridors to the café. The meeting rooms also have the characteristic Goodlife signature, but have a special highlight: each is dedicated to the associated sub-brands! Each meeting room housing one of the Goodlife subsidiary brands, thus you may find yourself in the "Naturally Pam" or the HEJ conference room. The Goodlife family united.

Furniture from Hay
A healthy environment for a healthy meeting
Protein rich in the meeting

Project Synopsis

At the gates of the Port of Hamburg with a view of the Elbphilharmonie, the Goodlife Company occupies the fourth and fifth floor of the iconic Kajen 12 building, a construction that is also reminiscent of a shipbuilding with teak planks in the corridors or round hatches in the steel doors. When designing the headquarters of the "Healthy Lifestyle" brand, issues such as sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and modern technology played a particularly important role.

The result is a feel-good atmosphere that creates identity - from the welcome area to the work café, the meeting rooms, the fun area, to the office zones with fixed and flexible workplaces. The corporate identity of the company is underpinned and the subsidiary brands are creatively included in the concept in the form of the conference rooms. Beautiful details corresponsing to the budget have been set rounding off the company headquarters and thereby the identity of the young, up-and-coming, company in the lifestyle sector. Small follow-up orders and delicious bars for smow Hamburg followed. Welcome to the Goodlife!"

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