LKG, Leipzig

Concept with feel-good atmosphere for new office building


Client: Frank Schulze, LKG Leipzig

Planning: Frances Frühauf & smow Leipzig

Year: 2021

Areas furnished: Post room, canteen, conference room, kitchen, lounge, open-plan and individual offices

Project specification: Redesign of a new office building.

Meeting point LKG Leipzig smow


The furnishing project at the publisher support contractor LKG (Leipziger Kommissions- und Großbuchhandelsgesellschaft mbH) initially resembled an unwritten book. The new, empty, office building in Rötha-Espenhain near Leipzig was waiting to be filled with ideas, content and interior design. The aim was to subdivide future office life into work processes and then to combine these conceptually and by means of precisely tailored furnishing solutions in such a way that efficiency and a feel-good factor intertwined.

The main challenge was to design a post room that meets the individual needs of employees. In addition, a canteen, conference and break room as well as large and individual offices were to be conceived. For this it was essential to involve the employees in the planning process. Standard solutions were out of the question.

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Project Manager

Martina Stadler

Managing Director, smow Leipzig


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Kathrin Hahn

Interior Design Consultant, smow Leipzig


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FNP-Moormann-Shelving LKG Leipzig smow
600 square meters of office space were zoned, precisely planned and inter-connected via furniture from the smow portfolio and custom solutions
Effizienz & Kreativität bei LKG Leipzig smow
Efficiency & Creativity
Schreibtisch Büro LKG Leipzig smow
Light-flooded office
Pausenraum LKG Leipzig smow Unfold Muuto
Creative breaktime atmosphere
Meetingbox LKG Leipzig smow
Meeting box
Homely seating and sitting in the LKG Leipzig smow break room


With the new LKG Leipzig operations centre, planning and creation began from a blank slate. Inventories or comparisons with existing structures were no longer necessary. What was required, however, was the creation and implementation of a brand new furnishing concept that took into account the requirements, wishes and conditions on site.

The aim was to create a feel-good atmosphere that makes you forget that you are in an open-plan office. Individual interior ideas, which were measured by the Neubert carpentry workshop, a long-standing partner of smow Leipzig, replaced standard solutions. The creation of different zoning, a meeting box, colourful wallpaper and the integration of plant walls created a universal office character that promotes both productivity and creativity and is far removed from just a solid, off-the-shelf office standard.

Plant wall in the Green Office LKG Leipzig smow

Project Synopsis

The Leipziger Kommissions- und Großbuchhandelsgesellschaft mbH delivers books and publishing products all over the world. A book or a bestseller needs a coherent concept and, in addition, the know-how and the interfaces in the publishing house supply system. The situation is similar in the area of interior design: topics such as custom-made products, rooms with a strong character, feel-good factors, large and small conferences played a central role in the LKG Leipzig office project.

The great joy and passion with which smow Leipzig designed and implemented the overall furnishing concept is now reflected in the finished premises of the building complex. 600 square meters of office space were zoned, precisely planned and connected to each other with carefully selected furniture and unique new creations.

An exciting but harmonious office complex was created that meets all the requirements of the employees, that inspires as a "Green Office“ that has been functionally designed down to the last detail and which offers plenty of space for communication. Mission feel-good office successful!

All interior photos: Anne-Katrin Hutschenreuter 


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