Christmas gift ideas: Part 1

Gnome "Atilla" from Kartell

Gnome "Atilla" from Kartell

The first snow of the years has fallen, the Christmas window displays are finished and the nervous hunt for the “perfect” Christmas gift is well underway.

And so sometimes the best decision is simply to relax in front of the Internet and choose extravagant, amusing or simply, simple gifts for your nearest and dearest. In a small pre-Christmas series we the smow blog team will present a few ideas and treasures from the (smow)catalogue, which will hopefully ease you search and bring a smile to your loved ones face.

Number 1: “Kitsch is Cult”

The Gnomes from Kartell (Design: Philippe Starck) are a humorful yet affectionate homage on the classic garden gnome. They can be used as stool and/or tables:  Gnome “Atilla” supports you or your possessions with his outstretched arms, “Napoleaon” balances you on his head and “Saint-Esprit” is like all tree stumps, strong and robust.

"Sunflower Clock" von Vitra

"Sunflower Clock" from Vitra

Number 2: “Sunflower Clock”

The “Sunflower Clock” from Vitra (Design: George Nelson) is – as the name implies – a clock in the form of a stylized sunflower.

The Vitra clocks from George Nelson are, in a sense, a chronological embodiment of the 1950s, and remain as relevant and stylish as then.

Garderobe "Knax" von loca

Coat Hook "Knax" from loca

Number 3: “Simple and stylish “

“Knax” is a coat hanger system from loca (Design: Harrit & Sørensen A/S), that initially appears as nothing more than a narrow piece of wood screwed to the wall. The Trick: The hooks are embedded in the wood and can be flipped out ans and when required. The stylish hanger is available in range of sizes and woods.

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