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KAISERidell 6631 R Luxus by Christian Dell

First produced in 1936 by Gebrüder Kaiser & Co. in Neheim-Hüsten, the “town of lights” in the Sauerland region of Germany, the KAISERidell 6631 R Luxus quickly became a by-word for product design, choice of materials and precise engineering.

Designed by silversmith and Bauhaus Weimar Meister Christian Dell the 6631 Luxus is characterized by the smooth, asymmetrical design of the lampshade and the attention to detail such as the the swivel joints which enable the lamp to be positioned in countless ways.

Following various takeovers production of the 6631 was stopped in the 1980s and the KAISERidell 6631 could only be found in auction houses and museums.


Offically , licencsed production through KAISERidell A/S

That has now changed.

Since 2007 the KAISERidell A/S has been producing officially licensed versions of the KAISERidell 6631 in Vejle, Denmark. In addition to conforming to all modern technical standards, the Danish version is absolutely identical to the original lamp in its design, quality and workmanship. As a proof of quality, each lamp comes with a certificate of authenticity and is assigned a serial number engraved on the bottom of its base.


KAISERidell 6631 R Luxus ... detail

In addition to looking fantastic, the elaborate design of the lampshade results in perfect, balanced lighting; be it on a your desk, bedside table or in the corner of a living/dining room.

The KAISERidell 6631 R Luxus is true multi-function light and a true classic of 1930s Bauhaus deisgn.

And the KAISERidell 6631 R Luxus is available now from

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