Vienna Design Week Passionswege: Konstantin Schmölzer @ Verdarium

We seem to remember getting really annoyed once by the number of platform seats on display at European design events.

However two projects have renewed our faith in the possibilities offered by raised seating.

Tur-Tur by Eric Degenhardt from the Richard Lampert Kids Only Collection.

And Konstantin Schmölzer @ Verdarium

The project sadly doesn’t seem to have a name; however, in essence it involved creating a space that offered stability, security and a place from which to quietly observe and reflect upon the modern world.

And all in the form of a Herculean raised hide.

The true genius was however the location – in narrow gap between Jean Nouvel’s “Stilwerk Wien” edifice and Patrick Blanc’s vertical garden – and looking directly into the garden concept store Verdarium.

We just loved the simple audacity and deliberately exaggerated scale of the project.

Just delightful.

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