Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Big-Game Wiener Silber Manufactur

For some 200 years Wiener Silber Manufactur have produced the finest silverware. Exquisite cutlery, table services, coffee pots and sugar

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Pedrita Studio Glaserei Stiefelmeyer

We’re spending an awful lot of time at Vienna Design Week 2014 photographing mirrors. If we were at all competent

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Studio deFORM Rudolf Scheer & Söhne Mirror

The last time we visited the premises of Vienna shoemaker Rudolf Scheer & Söhne it was for the presentation of

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege mathak mahlknecht Stani-Polsterei

In our post from the launch of the Tools for Life collection by Rem Koolhaas and OMA for Knoll during

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege BCXSY J & L Lobmeyr

At the risk of starting a tradition we can’t maintain, and so ultimately leading us to disappoint a lot of

Unsichtbare Dinge Typisch chinesisch Typisch deutsch at the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg Germany erledigt

Mayday! Mayday! Don’t panic. It’s just a public holiday. You’ll survive. Barbecue something…… And afterwards, when everyone else is back

Passionswege à la Firenze Giulia Materia

Hot on the heels of Vienna Design Week 2013 and its very successful “Passionswege” programme news reaches us from Florence

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Sebastian Zachl Donauer Lampenschirme 07

One of the take home messages from the Vitra Design Museum’s Lightopia exhibition is that lighting design is rarely about

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege chmara rosinke Wäscheflott

We must admit to having had our problems with Vienna based design studio chmara.rosinke Not in a physical, fisticuffs sort of

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Bertille + Mathieu J & L Lobmeyr

What is luxury? For Passionswege 2013 the French/Swiss duo Bertille + Mathieu were paired with the Viennese crystal manufacturer J.

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Hilda Hellström E Fessler Kamine

As we arrived in Vienna the first thing we noticed was our breath. It’s autumn in Vienna. And we still

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Riess Oscar Wanless

It seems somehow fitting that our first post from Vienna Design Week 2013 should be from a Passionswege project. Passionswege

Vienna Design Week Passionswege 2012 Mathias Hahn Staud’s Wien

A few years ago the phrase “food design” suddenly started cropping up a lot. It’s the sort of phrase that

Vienna Design Week Passionswege 2012 Daphna Laurens at Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

Pretty much ever since we first saw Tafelstukken by Daphna Laurens at DMY Berlin 2010 we’ve had a bit of

Vienna Design Week Passionswege 2012 Matylda Krzykowski Norbert Meier Norbert Meier Brushmaker and Petz Horn Manufacturer

Do we need to repeat why we are such committed fans of the annual Vienna Design Week Passionswege programme? We

Vienna Design Week Passionswege Beza Projekt Atelier Telliez

One of our favourite projects during Vienna Design Week was the Passionswege project “The Swing” by Warsaw based Beza Projekt

Vienna Design Week Passionswege Tomas Kral Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Commissioned to undertake a Vienna Design Week Passionswege project with Viennese hat maker

Vienna Design Week Passionswege Konstantin Schmölzer Verdarium

We seem to remember getting really annoyed once by the number of platform seats on display at European design events.

Vienna Design Week Passionswege J L Lobmeyr Wien

We traditionally start our Vienna Design Week Passionswege tour at J. & L. Lobmeyr. And it is always an appointment

Although it does now seem like half a lifetime ago … we were in Vienna for the Design Week, did

Every year the Vienna Design Week places a special focus on one district of Vienna. This year it was Hernals.

” …. says Erwin Perzy III. He is the third generation of family snow globe makers. His grandfather invented the

The first station on the 2010 Vienna Design Week Passionswege was “Reichtum. Wasser + Glas” by Berlin designer Mark Braun