Aqua Römer, Stuttgart

Big effect with simple means - a canteen as a place of togetherness

Aqua Römer canteen, following its makeover by smow Stuttgart

Client: Aqua Römer, Stuttgart

Planning: smow Stuttgart

Year: 2020

Areas furnished: Company canteen

Project specification: Canteen redesign

Aqua Römer. Stuttgart: Modern canteen after a smow redesign


Merging two company locations always poses challenges: not only the logistical move from one office to the other has to be organised, but the integration of offices and teams, as well as the technical infrastructure relocation needs not only to be planned, but realised to the satisfaction of all parties.

When the mineral water producer Aqua Römer relocated its logistics, administration and management from Göppingen to Mainhardt, a move of some 60 km, the existing company canteen in Mainhardt required a redesign. The smow team found a canteen covering some 100 square meters whose best of years were definitely behind it: worn floor, randomly arranged tables and chairs, information panels on the window front - a purely functional and pragmatic location where food is quickly warmed rather than breaks being enjoyed.

The challenge was to create the required inviting communal space where the staff can relax, drink a coffee and switch off for a brief period, within not only the available budget, but with a short realisation period.

Project Manager

Jörg Oetinger

Managing Director, smow Stuttgart

Telephone: 0711 620 090 00


Counter redesign for Aqua Römer
Details of the café-lounge in the Aqua Römer canteen
Details of the café-lounge in the Aqua Römer canteen
The smow makeover of the Aqua Römer canteen
The smow makeover of the Aqua Römer canteen
A translucent curtain as a room divider
A translucent curtain as a room divider
New lighting in the Aqua Römer canteen


The aim of the canteen project was not to completely refurbish, but rather to develop a room concept in which the existing is rounded off by the new. This conceptual approach runs through the entire project.

Existing furniture, such as kitchen units or chairs, were supplemented by new furniture in the same style, thereby ensuring a visual unity. Installation and remodelling work on the counter was carried out in cooperation with a carpentry shop on site. An important focus in the implementation of the concept was also the light: light creates atmosphere.

The classic canteen area was loosened up with a new colour scheme and a monumental mural, while the fallow meeting zone was revived as a café-lounge next to the window. A translucent curtain from Kvadrat visually separates the areas without absorbing light.

All simple interventions yet with a big effect for achieving that relaxed break feeling. And everything implemented in just one day so as not to disrupt ongoing operations.

Charming break room for Aqua Römer, Stuttgart


After the mineral water producer Aqua Römer relocated its logistics and administration including company management from Göppingen to Mainhardt, two company teams were required to share the facility, grow together and feel comfortable. A makeover of the company canteen was a central component of achieving such, but had to be implemented within a very short time and with a tight budget.

Together with the smow team, a modern dining area with an attached café-lounge was implemented with a lot of creativity and pragmatism. In addition to the colour concept and the innovative furniture, particular attention was paid to the lighting design. Goodbye sadness, hello feel-good atmosphere!


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