FCM - Frankfurt Construction Management GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Interior development, interior design & construction management for the headquarters of a construction management company

Client: FCM GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

Planning: Andreas Lehnhardt, smow Freiburg | Folke Schreiber, FCM GmbH

Year: 2021

Areas Furnished: Meeting rooms, workshop, kitchens, workplaces, bathrooms, lounge, reception & corridors

FCM Frankfurt reception smow Freiburg


When it comes to high-quality construction management, Frankfurt am Main based FCM GmbH is well versed: as Construction Manager FCM was responsible for the Omniturm in Frankfurt am Main. No wonder that such a company was looking for a particularly professional and creative project manager to support it in the expansion and interior design of its own headquarters in Frankfurt's WinX Tower: thus smow was commissioned to plan and set up the entire first floor space.

The aim was to create a kind of club office, to create a kind of "Headquarters Club" from a refined shell: a space where the staff would be given the opportunity to "get together" away from the demands of international construction, but also areas of continuous learning and media-visual communication and of focused work were to be developed. Ultimately, it should be a pleasure for employees to come back to the office "Post-Covid".

The focus of the concept was to give the entire office a feel-good atmosphere - away from the cold transparency of glazed interiors and towards homely details that give employees the feeling of being able to work openly and transparently without being translucent.

The FCM HQ under construction ...
... and later as the FCM reception area.

Project Manager

Andreas Lehnhardt

Project Manager, smow Freiburg

Telephone: 0160 93763448

E-Mail: freiburg@smow.de

Open-plan office @ FCM Frankfurt


First of all, colour, material and lighting concepts for surfaces, i.e. floors, ceilings and walls, were developed in detail, technical aspects were integrated into the design concept, taking, for example, fire protection requirements into account, and all technical drawings for the implementation were created - all this accompanied by mood boards, 3D sketches and look books. Raw assembly of the heating and ventilation, electrical systems, sanitary installations and dry construction services were carried out. Then came the detailed work.

The office space was designed in three large units: collaboration & learning, focused work and the area for socialisation, which are also reflected in the implementation and give the entire floor a uniform structure.

The "collaboration and learning" area includes workshop areas with high tables on wheels, white boards, media connections and all surrounded by a glass cube that does not consist of the expected glazed walls: rather wall sections were removed from the drywall and acoustically functional windows were inserted therein and which act like picture frames and combine transparency and comfort.

The blue rubber floor, complemented by custom-made parquet, picks up on the company's CI colours as does the whole the interior design. The slatted ceiling in the lounge and in the workshop area is designed as a heating-cooling ceiling and promotes good acoustics. In the other office areas, ceiling sails with comparable technical attributes were used, into which basic lighting was integrated. The "focused work" area is characterized by fixed and flexible workplaces as well as bookable individual offices. In the social areas there are think tanks, a bar and lounge as well as a library in the corridors. 

Individual carpentry work is complemented by high-quality Werner Works shelving modules
An attractive, high-quality interior design requires individual carpentry solutions

Andreas Lehnhardt, smow Freiburg

The attention to detail can be found in all areas of the new company premises: instead of off-the-shelf furniture, solutions are individually tailored to the needs. The library shelves in the hallway, for example, are custom-made products that also allow easy access to the high-rise building's high-maintenance technical shafts. The "telephone booth" was specially commissioned from Werner Works and ensures undisturbed, acoustically shielded telephoning. In the lounge and kitchen, red light can be found in lamps that are actually white – a wonderfully warm contrast to the corporate design blue, which, as with the sand grey notes, recurrs throughout.

The Light colour can be individually set
The FCM conference area "picture framed"
Individual carpentry combined with the "Telephone Cell" by Werner Works
Think Tank in the FCM HQ

Project Synopsis

"A one-stop service" was the credo of smow, who closely supervised the project from A to Z, from conception to implementation. In addition to the interface coordination of all crafts and technical involved in the construction, and with the local building authority.

The success of a project is characterised by intensive communication and the willingness of everyone involved to optimally design the interfaces. Thank you FCM!

Andreas Lehnhardt, smow Freiburg

The aim of the Freiburg furnishing professionals was to design a cosy office that not only offers employees a place to work, but also a professional home where creativity and concentrated efficiency find equal space. Individual room solutions were implemented with the help of modular furniture and carpentry solutions, and different zones were created for different work, meeting or retreat needs - all taking into account the corporate identity of the company. The result is an airy, coherent room concept that perfectly and succinctly reflects the company.

The future FCM office as shell ...
... and after completion as a modern, airy company headquarters

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