The Historia Supellexalis: "B" for Bouroullec


A Ronan; An Erwan; An unassuming, poetic, connection.

Vitrastanden på Orgatec 2010 var domineret af især to tegnestuers arbejde: Antonio Citterio og Ronan og Erwan Bouroullec. Udover at

The Vitra stand at Orgatec 2010 was dominated by the work of two design studios: Antonio Citterio and Ronan and

orgatec 2010 vitra

Although the public face of Vitra is unquestionably their “Home Collection”, for decades the backbone of the company has been

On the opening day of Orgatec we managed to grab a quick 10 minutes in an Alcove Sofa with Erwan

Designed in 2005 for the French producer Ligne Roset, Facett by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec will be familiar, at least

Students. We love em! But slightly better than students are poor graduates. For just as a man alone in a

(click to play) As a few you have noticed (and thanks for the mails by the way, always appreciated) we’ve