The Historia Supellexalis E for England


An Island; A Notion; A Context

With the exhibition Citizen Office the Vitra Design Museum staged not only their first conceptual, research based, exhibition, but also one of the first museal reflections on “the world of the office”.

Reflections which not only pointed towards new directions and understandings then, but which offer insights and lessons for today…….

Citizen Office as visualised by James Irvine

IMM Cologne kept us busy into February, but the month also saw the opening of an Eileen Gray retrospective in

James Irvine

We once started, but never quite got round to finishing, a post in which we extolled the joys of a

On the last Sunday of the school summer holidays over 35 production companies in and around Kassel stage an annual

You know how it is. You arrive early in the office….. Make a coffee….. Turn the computer on…….. Check out

For 26 years James Irvine has been quietly and unassumingly influencing European industrial design. Immediately after graduating from the London

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