Moooi Nut Chair Marcel Wanders Prop Light Bertjan Pot

Preparing for his solo exhibition “Pinned Up at the Stedelijk, 25 years of design” clearly helped Marcel Wanders tackle, and

Marcel Wanders Pinned Up at the Stedelijk 25 years of design

By way of an addendum to our “5 New Design Exhibitions for February 2014” post…. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is currently

In the wake of our “warehouse” post we have received numerous emails along a similar vein: “It’s OK for yous

Vitra Eames Elephants prepare to ambush nordic walking pensioners in Leipzig

The last couple of days have seen an endless stream of emails into the (smow)blog bunker asking if we are

G’day! What with all the excitement about the new iSlate, we missed Australia Day yesterday. And so wanted to use

As traditional as roasted chestnuts and corked sherry, gift recommendations are what make Christmas for us. This year, however, we

It’s not all hard work you know. Just read a nice little article on dutch design portal in which

It’s Dumfries Show on Saturday. That won’t mean much to the most people, but for us it is a sure

The Top 5 Lamps from the smow design spring. In no particular order. Kete by David Turnbridge. One of the

Our (smow)twitter recently brought our attention to an article at about what the author termed “Heirloom Design” In the

It must be a summer thing. Not only are our newspapers and magazines full of authors recommending their chums books,

In local parlance Greene Street, NYC is known as “West smow”, on account of the prevalence of high-quality designer furniture

Whereas the main Salone exhibition opened today, Wednesday; a lot of those producers and designers who are exhibiting “off-Salone” opened