Grassimesse Leipzig 2013

When the yellowing leaves of passing like a carpet over Leipzig lie…..  it must be time for “Leipzig Creative Autumn”, as the town’s marketing bods will no doubt eventually get round to calling it.

On Friday we’ll be at Designers’ Open, the start shot however is traditionally made by the Grassimesse at the Leipzig Museum for Applied Art.

Which is only fair.

On the one hand Grassimesse is older – tracing its history as it can back to the 1920s and counting many a Bauhaus student and graduate among its earlier exhibitors. And secondly Designers’ Open grew out of Grassimesse, largely, though not exclusively, as a reaction to the more craft, handwork basis of the Grassimesse and desire for a more design focussed event.

Grassimesse 2013 features the usual swathes of ceramics, glass and textiles but this year also includes slightly more exotic items such as shoes or paper.

Not that shoes and paper are exotic, just that they are items rarely if ever found at the Grassimesse.

In addition Grassimesse 2013 is presenting a selection of items from the 2013 International Marianne Brandt Contest and “Neues aus dem Perm”, a collection of jewellery objects made by international designers from the remains of a petrified forest discovered near Chemnitz.

We’ll bring you more on Grassimesse 2013 soon, but for now a few impressions. To hopefully whet your appetite.

More information on Grassimesse 2013 including opening times and ticket prices can be found at

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