In our post from the state of DESIGN Berlin curated exhibition VICIS. Always Change a Running System during Munich Creative Business Week 2018 we opined that there was something biographical in the title. Similarly Expertimental Design has overtones of self-reflection. And for all of an unyielding belief in the value, logic, necessity of experimentation in design.

Something also reflected in the 2018 state of DESIGN Berlin showcase.

state of DESIGN Berlin, Expertimental Design

wild, connected, printed & additional THINGS at designtransfer Key by Maria Neumann & Jakob Ruhe

Parallel to Berlin Design Week 2014 the Universität der Künste, UdK, platform designtransfer is presenting an exhibition highlighting a selection

Berlin Design Week Pepe Heykoop Tiny Miracles Foundation at DAD Galerie Berlin Photos

Very much in keeping with the DMY Berlin 2014 focus on “Social Design” the DAD Galerie Berlin is currently presenting

Berlin Design Week 2014 Berlin Glas

At the risk of being accused of wilful and negligent generalisation, contemporary industrial design arose from traditional crafts, driven by

Berlin Design Week Special 4+1 by Mark Braun at SOX

SOX is, in all probability, Berlin’s smallest gallery. SOX is a circa 2m by 3m window. An oversized display cabinet

Berlin Design Week 2014 Studio Rygalik Show Room at the Polnisches Institut Berlin Dub paged

If we’re honest we’re not entirely sure where or when we first saw the work of Gosia & Tomek Rygalik