Back in February we spoke with Richard Lampert and he told us he was planning exhibiting at Orgatec.

Had a few ideas he said.

Boy, did he have ideas………

Orgatec Cologne 2016: Richard Lampert

usm haller table

Among the more memorable moments in our long, if troublesome, tenure at and of (smow)blog is the day we took

Luddites! Not a phrase normally associated with (smow) To the best of our knowledge no (smow)employee has ever smashed an

Back in October 2010 the design blog ran a competition with a Richard Lampert Egon Eiermann desk – supplied

Our preparations for the 2010 IMM in Cologne are advancing apace and one particular highlight looks like being the Richard

We’re just a touch late with this one, but since July 22nd the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin has been

It’s Dumfries Show on Saturday. That won’t mean much to the most people, but for us it is a sure

As a Europe-wide active business we at smow take Europe very seriously. We must, it is our home. And naturally

Despite Lufthansa’s best effort we made it back to Leipzig yesterday evening. We only hope our luggage will arrive this

Over Easter we had hoped to hoped to get to Karlsruhe to have a look at the exhibition: Interface Desk,

In a recent article wired magazine presented their own take on the evolution of office furnishing. From the introduction of