Milan Design Week 2013 Roll and Hill at Euroluce

As we believe we’ve said before it is always especially pleasing when a designer you first got to know as

Fragile Future Chandelier 3.1 by Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta

As we all know life isn’t fair. But imagine, just for a minute, it was. Over the past 12 months

As you know we are big fans of Brooklyn designer Jason Miller. And of the from Jason Miller established lighting

In the history of (smow)blog only two designers have contacted us to comment on our comments. The first was Brooklyn

One of the worst things about being out on the road is that there is much news to catch up

We’re not in New York for ICFF this year. Last year was just toooooo traumatic… Which is a shame because

The Top 5 chairs from the smow design spring. In no particular order. We lie: there is a slight order.

Lets get the tricky one out the way first. The Top 5 Tables from the smow design spring. In no

Your (smow)blog team didn’t become the internationally feared and monitored crew we are simply because we travel the world fearlessly

What first attracted us to the work of Jason Miller at ICFF was the fact it was dirty. Obviously not

For us one of the discoveries of the ICFF was Brooklyn based designer Jason Miller. Miller’s design contains undeniable elements