With the exhibition 21 Common Things designer Thomas Schnur explores his personal relationship with everyday objects. And in doing so the concept of functionality.

Thomas Schnur - 21 Common Things

Miller Lounge Chair by Serener for Functionals, as seen Kazerne Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2016

Although one primarily goes to Kazerne Eindhoven to experience experimental, challenging, yet invariably accessible and pertinent design, during Dutch Design

Passagen Cologne 2016: Sven Lützenkirchen & Thomas Schnur – Funktionsraum

There can be little argument that nature is, was and always will be the best designer, the most efficient designer:

Gravity by Thomas Schnur for Nomess Copenhagen (Photo Alexander Boehle, courtesy Thomas Schnur)

Cologne isn’t a city which creativity only visits every January in the form of the IMM Cologne furniture trade fair

Thomas Schnur Salone Satellite Milan 2014

As regular readers will be aware, unlike The Kinks we are no dedicated followers of fashion. Millinery is another matter

The biggest April fool is…. us, for always going to Milan! That said, as ever, we did find a few

Milan Design Week 2013 Contrast Thomas Schnur Rubber Lamp

More intuitive readers will have enjoyed our post on the exhibition “Objects for Neighbours” from IMM Cologne 2013 and for