International Marianne Brandt Contest 2016 Exhibition, Chemnitz Museum of Industry

The winners and nominated projects from the 2016 International Marianne Brandt Contest can be viewed in an exhibition in Chemnitz.

The inclusion of a sheet steel bookend amongst our photos from the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts exhibition “Art Déco:

Since 2000 the International Marianne Brandt Contest has been searching for the Poetry of the Functional in art and design.

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin Sammlung Bauhaus Werner Jackson puppets

Following the necessary disruption of their permanent exhibition to accommodate the recently ended exhibition Sensing the Future: László Moholy-Nagy, die

Cold as February 2014 unquestionably was, we managed to warm ourselves with exhibitions looking at the 1920s medial representation of

Marianne Brandt Villa Esche Chemnitz Tastlicht 1929-1932

By way of an addendum to our addendum to our “5 New Design Exhibitions for February 2014” post…… Until June

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013

Older readers will be well aware of the high esteem in which we hold the Bauhaus educated designer Marianne Brandt.

Awards ceremonies are all well and good – but much more important is the exhibition to accompany the contest. And


Although the Marianne Brandt Contest is on the surface about Marianne Brandt, the awards ceremony in Chemnitz on Friday stood

When we heard that the 2010 International Marianne Brandt Contest exhibition was going to be held in the Industrial Museum,

Chemnitz is without doubt the ugliest city in Sachsen. If not Europe. And so it is all the more surprising