The little regarded undersides of chairs....

With the opening of the Vitra Schaudepot the Vitra Campus has not only grown by a further building, but the

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Adolfo Natalilni (Superstudio), Study for the Continuous Monument, 1969. (Photo © The architect, Courtesy of S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum)

The term “post-war architecture” is for many a term of insult, an insinuation that something is of lesser value. Or

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Normally October is all about design festivals, October 2015 wasn’t. On the one hand we weren’t at that many this

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Maker Library Thingking © Jana Atherton-Chiellino for British Council

In his review of Chris Taylor’s book “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe” the American film critic Tom Shone makes

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The Collective Intention Depot Basel

As previously reported, Bauhaus Dessau are currently presenting “The coop principle – Hannes Meyer and the Concept of Collective Design”,

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This is Work Fictional Collective Depot Basel

In what sounds like a truly monumental example of critical cultural analysis meets mid-life crisis and self-doubt, Depot Basel and

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depot basel display

When in 2013 the design facilitators from Depot Basel were forced to move from their original home in a former

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NOMOS Metro watch by Berlinerblau for NOMOS Glashütte

Much as the hardest move in yoga is unrolling your yoga mat, so to is the most challenging facet about

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… had things not continued apace in June. A month which saw us trawl trough Berlin with Niek Wagemans looking

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May may have been slow in the past. May. For aside from DMY Berlin, Fritz Haller in Basel, Niek van

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As all old thesauruans know “April” is merely a synonym for “Milan” And lo despite all promises to the contrary

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Tom Vack Tom Vac

It’s now been twelve months since we decided to start recommending upcoming architecture and design exhibitions based on nothing more

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aram gallery future stars

The inescapable chill in the morning air and the deep-seated boredom in the eyes of school aged children can only

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Swiss Design Award 2014

As is becoming customary Design Miami Basel 2014 provided the backdrop for the presentation of the Swiss Design Award. And

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It takes more than one by mischer’traxler

When we met up with Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler aka mischer’traxler ahead of the exhibition Castling. Designers meet the

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Design Miami Basel 2014 Jean Prouvé Galerie Jacques Lacoste

While the art world is awash with anecdotes of cleaners disposing of installations having confused them for rubbish, we’re not

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Craft & Bling Bling Fake at Depot Basel

For us there is very little that epitomises fakeness better than Bling – bold, flash, arrogant jewellery distracting from the

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Fritz Haller Architect and Researcher Swiss Architecture Museum Basel USM Pavillon

Until August 24th the Swiss Architecture Museum, SAM, in Basel is staging “Fritz Haller. Architect and Researcher”, an exhibition devoted

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Unsichtbare Dinge Typisch chinesisch Typisch deutsch at the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg Germany erledigt

Mayday! Mayday! Don’t panic. It’s just a public holiday. You’ll survive. Barbecue something…… And afterwards, when everyone else is back

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Okolo Offline at Depot Basel

Until April 27th Depot Basel are presenting the exhibition Okolo Offline. Documenting the first five years of Prague based design

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Hans J Wegner and Johannes Hansen JH550 PP550 The Peacock Chair

April 2014, as every April we can ever remember, means Milanese purgatory. Apparently it is meant to cleanse the soul,

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Depot Basel Changes Chancen

On Friday November 22nd Depot Basel open their new exhibition, Changes – Chancen. At the beginning of September 2013 the

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As announced yesterday we sadly cannot attend this years Stockholm Furniture Fair – because we have to go to Switzerland,

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