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Framed Mirror
Outline Studio Chair
Rest Sofa
Outline Sofa Twill Edition (smow exclusive)
Special Edition
Connect Sofa Lounge
Oslo Chair
Connect Sofa
Oslo Sofa
Outline Sofa
Outline Highback Sofa
Outline Studio Sofa
Outline Chair Twill Edition (smow exclusive)
Special Edition
Outline Chair

Anderssen & Voll

Torbjorn Anderssen and Espen Voll, the two designers behind Anderssen & Voll, began working together in 2000 in the design studio Norway Says - and that with success. In 2009, they founded their own design studio Anderssen & Voll, and quickly became one of the most successful design studios in Norway. Andersen & Voll focus on product design for the domestic sector. In the development of their furniture designs, such as, for example, the Oslo Chair or the Connect Sofa for Muuto, the two designers try to reflect on the Scandinavian design tradition, but also to evolve them through the use of innovative new solutions. Individual elements are designed in such a way that they always provide something unexpected. Regular collaborators with manufacturers such as Hay, Muuto and Foscarini, Anderssen & Voll have been honoured for their work with awards such as the Red Dot Award and the Wallpaper Award.

Designers Torbjorn Anderssen and Espen Voll