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Axel Kufus

After leaving school in 1977 Axel Kufus initially completed an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker before establishing a wood and bronze workshop together with the sculptor Richard Meier in Bischofsheim. In 1983 Axel Kufus received his Meisterbrief from the Holzfachschule Bad Wildungen. Between 1985 to 1987 Axel Kufus studied design at the Academy of Arts in Berlin while at the same time developing and producing furniture in Crelle Workshop Berlin. Since 1990 Axel Kufus has, together with his wife, ran a studio for product design, interior design and exhibition design; in addition from 1993 to 2004 he taught product design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and since 2004 has been professor for 'Design Processes' at the University of Arts in Berlin.

Designer Axel Kufus

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Schrill Bizarr Brachial. Das Neue Deutsche Design der 80er Jahre at the Bröhan Museum Berlin

..." To demonstrate this search for a brave, new future Schrill Bizarr Brachial presents, in addition to Kaufhaus des Ostens, collections of works by key protagonists of the era, including, for example, the Berlin based Bellefast collective of Andreas Brandolini, Joachim Stanitzek and Max Moormann, or Pentagon from Cologne featuring Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Reinhard Müller and Ralph Sommer, in addition to individual designers and artists such as Axel Kufus, Volker Albus or Siegfried Michail Syniuga... But for us the most lasting, most durable, and perhaps also most important influence of Neue Deutsche Design is to be found in the German design education system: Axel Kufus and Inge Sommer at the Universität der Künste Berlin, Volker Albus at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Ralph Sommer at the HFBK Hamburg, Wolfgang Laubersheimer at the Köln International School of Design and Jörg Hundertpfund at the FH Potsdam, amongst others, all coming from Neue Deutsche Design...

Werkbund Galerie Berlin: Zwischen den Stühlen – Möglichkeitsmodelle als Sitzgelegenheiten

...Axel Kufus Zwischen den Stühlen presents 5 experimental chair concepts developed by Universität der Künste, UdK, Berlin students, projects that show the variety of options in chair design and how chair design can be extrapolated into further areas of product design...

V&A Museum London: British Design 1948-2012. Innovation in the Modern Age

...Jasper Morrison, for example, became the designer he is because he visited a Memphis Group exhibition in Milan and then spent time in Berlin with Andreas Brandolini, Axel Kufus and other members of the "Neues deutsches Design" movement...

Design Symposium: Warum Gestalten ? @ HFBK Hamburg

...The high-calibre line-up featuring Andrej Kupetz, Axel Kufus, Jaime Hayon, Nienke Klunder, Christoph Schäfer, Andreas Brandolini and Peter Kubelka... Axel Kufus, for example, spoke of the workshop as being a laboratory, of products as being aggregates of processes...

Milan 2011: Stand Construction with Nils Holger Moormann

Once a month we visit a trade fair. We don't always want to - but we always have to. We look at furniture. We think up some cheap jokes. We take some out of focus photos. We come home. But what is actually involved in organising a trade fair stand? How...

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