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Atelier Oï

The Swiss studio Atelier Oï was founded in 1991 by the designers and architects Aurel Aebi, Arman Louis and Patrick Rexmond. The trio met while studying and the decision to work together has only served to cement their relationships. Working parallel on architecture, product design and stage design projects Atelier Oï have around 35 employees and their clients include renowned international firms such as USM Haller, Foscarini, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and B & B Italia. For the Swiss manufacturer Röthlisberger, Atelier Oï created the multifunctional Bank Plus and the accompanying Paravent Plus.

Aurel Aebi, Arman Louis and Patrick Rexmond

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...To this end when developing the new table tops in co-operation with La Neuveville based design studio Atelier Oï not only was special attention paid to the colours but also to the haptic qualities of the surfaces... And yes, we did write "in co-operation with La Neuveville based design studio Atelier Oï" USM working with an external design studio!...

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