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Bow Coffee Table

Guilherme Torres

On the skin of the Brazilian designer Guilherme Torres, as well as on the wall of his studio, are the lines of the French house duo Daft Punk: "Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger." The words reflect that inner and outward attitude of the perfectionist, and which drives him every day. Torres is not afraid to give a property inside and outside a completely new extravagant appearance. The architect prefers to test the limits of materials, playing with a mixture of natural stone, concrete, wood and metal elements. His spaces and creations are dynamic and highly original. Whether colours and shapes, furniture or home accessories - nothing is left to chance. The furnishing style is characterized by modern design and cleverly staged retro-elements of the mid-century design. The Brazilian presents his Bow Coffee Table in a futuristic design - combined individually or as a group, the ClassiCon coffee table sets an extravagant accent.

Designer Guilherme Torres