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646 Leggera

Gio Ponti

One of the few Italian architects who has achieved international success with both small, everyday objects and large building projects is Gio Ponti. Born in 1891 Ponti established his own architectural firm in 1927, and founded the group Labirinto in the same year, a group which dedicated itself to the production of high quality furniture. In addition, Ponti was the artistic director of the porcelain manufacturer Richard Ginorius from 1933 on and in 1928 founded the magazine Domus for art and architecture, which he led, with interruptions, until his death in 1979. Consequently Gio Ponti made a versatile and important contribution, also in terms of teaching, to the renewal of Italian furniture production and industry. Among his most famous works next to the Pirelli skyscraper - one of Milan's landmarks - is the 1957 released and acclaimed Superleggera chair, which produced was re-released in 2017 as the 646 Leggera by Cassina.

Designer and Architect Gio Ponti