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The smow Chemnitz team
Our team in Chemnitz
smow Chemnitz
Barbarossastraße 39
09112 Chemnitz

+49 371 433 03 43

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Sat 10 am - 2 pm
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Discover the products
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW
New colours
Eames Plastic Armchair DAW
New colours
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR
New colours
Lounge Chair & Ottoman
ID Soft Black Special
Eames Plastic Armchair DAR
New colours
Eames Plastic Armchair RAR
New colours
Panton Chair
Hang It All
Soft Pad Group EA 219
Aluminium Group EA 117
Lounge Chair
LTR Occasional Table
Grand Repos
Aluminium Group EA 119
Noguchi Coffee Table
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Black Version
Eames Elephant
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSX
New colours
Nelson Bench
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Limited Edition Mahogany
Special Edition
ID Trim L
AM Chair
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSW
New colours
Wooden Dolls
Tip Ton
Lounge Chair & Ottoman - White Version
Ball Clock
DKR Wire Chair
Aluminium Group EA 107 / EA 108
HeadLine Swivel Chair
Eames Plastic Armchair PACC
New colours
Seat Dots
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR
New colours
Lobby Chair ES 104
Sunflower Clock
Akari 10A
All Plastic Chair
HAL Wood
HAL Bar Stool
Eames House Bird
Akari 26A / 21A / 15A
Plywood Group LCW / LCW Leather
Uten.Silo I
Akari 45A / 55A / 75A / 120A
Panton Junior
Uten.Silo II
Eames Plastic Armchair DAX
New colours
Seat Cushion for Wire Chair (DKR/DKW/DKX)
Panton Chair Classic Glow Edition - Exhibition Piece
Special Edition
Home Desk
Soft Pad Group EA 217
Night Clock
Rotary Tray
Belleville Armchair Wood
Coat Dots
Belleville Chair Wood
Eames Radio
Special Edition
HAL Armchair Wood
Eames House Bird Walnut
Akari 33N
Eye Clock
Plywood Group LCM / LCM Leather
Sunburst Clock
Elephant Stool
Wooden Dolls Cat & Dog
ID Mesh
Eames Wool Blanket - Dot Pattern
Plywood Group CTM
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Plywood Group DCW
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSX
New colours
Eames Stools
Akari 1A
ETR Elliptical Table Rod Base
Plywood Group DCM
Happy Bin
Omar the Owl
Girard Classic Trays
New version
Akari 14A
Akari 3A
Small Dot Pattern Document
Fernando the Fish
Akari 9AD
Turbine Clock
Coffee Mugs
Eames Elephant Plywood
Akari 16A
Akari 50EN / 70EN
Akari 1N

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Living in a Box. Design and Comics @ the Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot, Weil am Rhein

..." Elegantly proving us very, very wrong the Vitra Design Museum's exhibition Living in a Box... How much a fan of modernism Tove Jansson is/was is much more questionable, not only does Moominmamma in telling Moominpappa not to move an object because "Mr Interior Decorator said it balances the green door", indicate a distrust of the dogmatic inflexibility of the modern leaning interior decorator that developed in the course of the post-War decades, a distrust that even a George Nelson shared, a dogma against which the Eames' reacted with their own home interior, and a position which also reminds of the tale "When Verner Panton decorated [then] Vitra CEO Rolf Fehlbaum's flat"...

3daysofdesign Copenhagen 2019: #embassytour

...Staged under the title "Ambassadors of Creative Innovation" the Swiss Embassy 3daysofdesign 2019 showcase presented works from established Swiss brands such as Vitra, USM Haller, Création Baumann, Caran d'Ache or Laufen, who presented their new SAVE urine directing toilet concept realised in conjunction with Vienna based studio EOOS and Eawag, the aquatic research institute at the ETH Zürich; younger brands such as Viu eyewear or Zürich based Qwstion with their bags crafted from Bananatex, a textile made from, well, banana plants, not yet Zürcher Bananas, but if we're not all careful it may only be a matter of time, and no-one wants that; and students from the Architecture and Wood & Civil Engineering departments at the Berner Fachhochschule, who, in inter-disciplinary teams of two, considered under the title "Furniture for a Pop-up Embassy", representative, temporary, variable, momentary furniture... And not the only Swiss/Danish cooperation on show: visitors being greeted at and sent on their way from the Embassy by arguably that best case example of Swiss/Danish cooperation: Verner Panton's plastic cantilever chair for Vitra...

smow Song Contest 2019

...Chemnitz - Marianne Brandt: Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne One of Bauhaus Dessau's more productive protagonists, and one of those who, arguably, best understood the responsibilities of the new world of "industrial design", in retrospect Marianne Brandt's war time decision to return to her native Chemnitz may have been a mistake...

Bauhaus. Textiles and Graphics @ Kunstsammlungen, Chemnitz

...Textiles and Graphics the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz explore the work undertaken in the Bauhaus weaving workshops, some of the institutions' principle protagonists and their place in wider considerations of inter-War weaving... 2 And which in doing so helps explain in much more detail, as a, figurative, inlay weave, the processes and conceptual thinking that underlies much of the work; that far from being simply patterns, simply textiles, works such as those on show in Chemnitz represent deliberate, considered artistic acts, acts based on the understanding that a textile, as Gunta Stölzl argues, "is always an object of service", yet objects defined not only by their purpose but also their composition, including the properties of the material, the nature of the weave, the pattern and "the colour, increased or weakened through lustre or dullness"3 And despite the age of the works, the reduced lighting in the Kunstsammlungen's exhibition rooms perfectly underscoring the fragility and temporality of textiles, the colours, lustrous and dull, remain not only prominent, but their intention and function are still very present, can still be explored, questioned, admired and enjoyed...

New textile worlds in a creative context – Potential technical, intelligent textiles + smart materials at Wasserschloß Klaffenbach, Chemnitz

...Cycling is considered in a couple of further projects including Chemnitz based Pi-Rope's polyester wheel spokes and Leipzig based Tex-Lock's textile bicycle lock, a product which neatly demonstrates how new materials allow for new formal and functional aspects of everyday objects, and, just as importantly, how the new can be playful and engaging as well as technical; while in terms of winter sports New textile worlds in a creative context features projects such as the Silbaerg snowboards developed, as previously discussed in these dispatches, in Chemnitz and at/in close cooperation with the city's Technical University, and a synthetic ice rink/skiing mat developed and marketed by a Mr Snow from Chemnitz... Similarly all the featured academic institutions are from, more or less, Sachsen, including the Technical University Chemnitz, Vitruvus Hochschule Leipzig, and the Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg, while from (slightly) further afield one finds students and staff from Burg Giebichenstein Halle and the Design and Experimental Material Research and Textile and Surface Design departments at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, KHB...

Balkrishna Doshi. Architecture for the People @ Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

..."Form should not be finite but should be amorphous, so that the experience within is loose, meandering and multiple" - Balkrishna Doshi1 With the exhibition Architecture for the People the Vitra Design Museum explore Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi's understanding of, belief in and approach to realising the amorphous, the social, the humane, in architecture... As everyone at the Vitra Design Museum is (very) keen to underscore...

5 New Architecture & Design Exhibitions for March 2019

...Our five recommendations for new exhibitions opening in March 2019 can be found in Frankfurt, Brussels, Chemnitz, London and Magdeburg... Collection de collectionneurs opens at Musée Horta, 25 rue Américaine,
 1060 Brussels on Friday March 15th and runs until Sunday June 30th "New textile worlds in a creative context - Potential technical, intelligent textiles + smart materials" at Wasserschloß Klaffenbach, Chemnitz, Germany One of the most important impulses not just for architecture and design but for society is new materials...

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