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String System Shelves (Set of 3)
String System Floor Panel
String Pocket
String System Wall Panel
String System Cabinet With Sliding Doors
String System Drawer Unit
String System Shoe Shelf
String System Metal Shelf
String System Work Desk
String System Shelf S
String System Rod
String System Hooks
String System Shelf L
String System Floor Shelf with Drawers
String System Coat Rack
String System Shelf M

Nisse Strinning

The first popular design by the Swedish architect and designer Nisse Strinning was Elfa: a simple drying rack consisting of plastic coated metal wires, an object he created during his architectural studies in the 1940s at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Successful as Elfa was, Nisse Strinning reached an even wider public with the bookcase system String, an absolute must-have for global design enthusiasts and a work which guaranteed Strinning his placed in the pantheon of design history. The String shelving system was however not created by Nisse alone but in cooperation with his wife, the designer Kajsa Strinning. The couple submitted their idea to a 1949 design competition: and promptly won the first prize. In 1952 the pair founded the companies Strinning String Design AB and Swedish Design AB in context of which they designed many objects which in their combination of aesthetics and function remain as current today as ever.

Designer Nils 'Nisse' Strinning and the popular String shelf