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Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari (* 1932 in Novara/Italy) studied literature and art at "Accademia di Brera" in Milano and where he became preoccupied with the psychology of visual perception. Taking theory into practice NMAri started working as freelance designer and member of the design group "Nuove Tendenze". In addition to various lecturer assignments, Mari served for three years as chairman of the Italian Design Society (ADI) and published books on the design aesthetic. Enzo Mari has worked with numerous companies including Olivetti, Le Creuset, Artemide and Kartell for whom Mari designed his Alta Tensione coat stand.

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smow blog compact: CUCULA – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design at the Werkbundarchiv - Museum der Dinge Berlin

...When Italian designer/design theologian Enzo Mari released his Autoprogettazione family of self build furniture in 1974 he did so with the aim of challenging popular conventions on industrial furniture production, and for all the concept that price is related to quality; the real value of an object, according to Mari, being something more intrinsic, something that exists inherent within a piece of furniture and which comes from a purity of form... The true value of the object being as Enzo Mari teaches not something which can be assessed in monetary terms alone, but rather is contained in the object, in its form, in its construction, in its story...

(smow) blog compact DMY Berlin Special: CUCULA – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design

..."I want to create models for a different society, for a way of producing and living differently", announces Enzo Mari in one of several quotes presented in the exhibition "Who is Mari?... At the moment CUCULA is a training institute in which a group of West African refugees are learning about craft and design through the production of products from Enzo Mari's 1974 "Autoprogettazione" DIY furniture project...

(smow) blog compact Berlin Design Week Special: Who is Mari? Enzo Mari und die Meisterwerkstatt der KPM

...Established in 1751 by Wilhelm Caspar Wegely and taken under royal control by Prussia's King Frederick II in 1763, the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin - the Berlin Royal Porcelain Factory - is not only Berlin's oldest handwork business but an undeniable symbol of Prussian pride and the unrestrained luxury of the fabled "white gold" And as such not the sort of place one would expect to find an old agitator such as the Italian designer, designer theorist and general design disdainer Enzo Mari... " Born in Novara in 1932 Enzo Mari studied literature and art at the Academy of fine arts in Brera...

Depot Basel No.5: Seats

...The "main" exhibition concerns itself with seating, specifically with Enzo Mari's D... What amuses us in this context is when we met Enzo Mari in Berlin last summer we took the opportunity to ask him if, given projects such as "Autoprogettazione", he was an advocate of Open Design...

Enzo Mari. Me and the Farmer. Reprise.

...In a New York Times piece by Alice Rawsthorn1 we read that Enzo Mari once said that he wanted to make things that factory workers would like to produce... In his UdK Berlin talk, Enzo Mari touched on a similar vein describing, in the course of various monologues, the drudgery of badly paid workers in factories producing goods that no one finds attractive and the majority of which are in any case destined to become waste...

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