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Patrick Frey

Markus Boge (* 1972 in Bielefeld/Germany), studied together with Patrick Frey in Hannover, where they submitted a joint Degree Work in which they investigated a common problem: How do I control the chaos on and under my desk? Nils Holger Moormann liked their solution and too Boge and Frey's design Kant into the Moormann collection. And the two haven't looked back since. After forming their own design studio Frey and Boge continued producing commercially and critically acclaimed furniture such as the coat rack Trick Stick for Moormann. In 2006 they dissolved their business partnership.

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#campustour Interview: Patrick Frey, Assistant Professor, Hochschule Hannover

...Practising designers such as Patrick Frey, Assistant Professor at the Hochschule Hannover... A graduate himself of the Hochschule Hannover, Patrick Frey first made a name for himself with the desks Kant and Marketing, developed, together with Markus Boge, in context of their joint diploma project, and which, in addition to success in international competitions, entered production with German manufacturer Nils Holger Moormann...

Fuorisalone Milan Design Week 2011: Richard Lampert

...In addition to his Kids Only Collection, Richard Lampert presented two new products in Milan: Stijl by Alexander Seifried and Stak by Patrick Frey... Similarly deliberately uncomplicated is Stak by Patrick Frey ...

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat ... rest your christmas wine on a mini Kant

...And so a few suggestions from Haus Moormann for those of you looking for wood based Christmas presents a la days of yore: Mini Kant by Patrick Frey and Markus Boge for Moormann: The side table version of Patrick Frey and Markus Boge's 2002 Kant Desk, the Mini Kant has the same wonderful "V"-shaped storage for books - but with the reduced dimensions it is also perfectly suited to magazines, CDs, DVDs etc...

Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial wins iF Material Award

...Congratulations to Vial, Patrick Frey and Polymerpark for winning a 2010 iF Matrial Award At the moment we can't actually say any more - because details of exactly what they have won is top secret until the official prize ceremony in Hannover on April 20th... More details can be found at Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial or at the (smow) Nook page...

Kölle Alaaf: Nook by Patrick Frey for vial

...In a previous life Patrick Frey created one of our favourite Moormann products: Kant...

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