Patrick Frey

Markus Boge (* 1972 in Bielefeld/Germany), studied together with Patrick Frey in Hannover, where they submitted a joint Degree Work in which they investigated a common problem: How do I control the chaos on and under my desk? Nis Holger Moormann liked their solution and too Boge and Frey's design Kant into the Moormann collection. And the two haven't looked back since. After forming their own design studio Frey and Boge continued producing commercially and critically acclaimed furniture such as the coat rack Trick Stick for Moormann. In 2006 they dissolved their business partnership.

Kant Bureau
Mini Kant
Kant Lader drawer 2er combination
Kant monitor shelf
Kant 1 Lader drawer
Kant 2 Lader drawer

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Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial wins iF Material Award

... Congratulations to Vial, Patrick Frey and Polymerpark for winning a 2010 iF Matrial Award At the moment we can't actually say any more - because details of exactly what they have won is top secret until the official prize ceremony in Hannover on April ... But well done. More details can be found at Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial or at the (smow) Nook...

Kölle Alaaf: Nook by Patrick Frey for vial

... In a previous life Patrick Frey created one of our favourite Moormann products: Kant. And we think he may have done it again with Nook his new stool for vial. Manufactured in a single piece from VarioLine - an injection moulded plastic - the folded form ... Which makes it highest quality modern East German design technology. Kölle Alaaf: Nook by Patrick Frey for...

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... An absolute delight. Our favourite desk, however, remains the one we have at home: Kant by Patrick Frey & Markus Boge for Moormann. We love it not only because of its ingenious design, nor because it was originally a graduation piece and as such is...

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