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Poul Henningsen

The designer Poul Henningsen was born on September 9th 1894 in Ordrup, Denmark. As the illegitimate son of an author and a satirist he grew up in a tolerant, liberal, and modern home. Interested in painting and architecture from a young age, Henningsen began studying, but never graduated. As a designer, Henningsen became famous for his Artichoke lamp and the PH family, all produced by the Danish lighting experts Louis Poulsen. Thanks to their unique and future-oriented design, the Poul Henningsen lamps quickly became design classic. In addition to his creative work, Henningsen was also politically active and authored numerous texts on social and cultural issues of the day. Poul Henningsen died in 1967 in the Danish town of Hillerød.

Designer Poul Henningsen

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...For a man who is universally lauded as one of the most important Danish designers of the 20th century, there is an inexplicable scarcity of reliable, independent information on Poul Henningsen... Library shelves around the globe however buckle under the weight of Danish language works by and about Poul Henningsen: for while outwith Denmark Henningsen is popularly known for a lamp named after an unpopular vegetable, in his native Denmark he has an altogether different status...

(smow) blog Design Calendar: April 28th 1925 – L'Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes opens in Paris

...It must however also be noted that in addition to the absentees the 1925 exposition did represent an important milestone for several soon-to-be stars of their branches, including Poul Henningsen who was awarded a Gold Medal for what was to become the first in the now legendary PH lamp series,6 the then student Arne Jacobsen who was awarded a Silver Medal for a chair project,7 while a fresh faced Gio Ponti was awarded a coveted Grand Prix for a collection of objects for the Florentine porcelain manufacturer Richard Ginori... Mark Mussari, Poul Henningsen - Cubism and the Conscience of Modernism, Scandinavian Studies, Vol...

Passagen Cologne 2014: Alle Metalle / All Metal

...Featuring a mix of furniture, lighting, accessories and decorative objects Alle Metalle / All Metal presents not only a nice overview of the myriad ways metal has been used in 20th century design, but also provides an insight into how metal obviously continues to inspire and drive the creative process: Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp for Louis Poulsen, Sebastian Herkner's Bell Side Table and Bell Coffee Table for ClassiCon, Kai Linke's Cosmo lamp, Tom Dixon's Etch Lamp shade, Robert Dudley's Bestlight through Gubi, CM05 HABIBI by Philipp Mainzer for e15...

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...Rietveld and Wilhelm Wagenfeld before moving over, almost, all the famous classics of the genre, including, George Carwardine’s 1932 Anglepoise, Tizio by Richard Sapper, Artichoke by Poul Henningsen and various works by Verner Panton before reaching 85 Lamps by Rody Graumans through droog...

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