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Helios Firebowl
Helios Steel Grill


The designer trio VE2 was formed in 2007 and comprises Hugo Dinesschmidt, Tilde Nygaard, and Morten Lauritzen. All three have a Master degree in industrial design from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. Prior to the founding of VE2, Schmidt, Nygaard, and Lauritzen worked independently with various renowned designers and architects. The focus of the trio's work is interior design as well as product and graphic design; whereby they are inspired in their new designs and projects by both observing people in their daily life and by being aware of the changes that their designs can trigger. VE2 work with a wide range of materials, in particular with those which change with time and reflect on their experiences, such as wood or selected metals; however, regardless of material, the products should never lose their functionality: functional, responsive products such as their outdoor collection for the Danish manufacturer Skagerak.

Designer trio VE2