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Panthella Mini Table Lamp
Panthella Portable
Panthella Table Lamp
Panthella Standing Lamp

The Panthella Collection by Verner Panton

Verner Panton's design signature is characterised for all by his use of organic forms, of plastic and bold colours. As with his Panthella collection from the year 1971: The Panthella lamp impresses with its organic, sleek design language, currently made of high-quality acrylic injection moulding and was originally available in numerous bold colours. In addition, the Panthella floor lamp and the Panthella table lamp have been re-introduced in white by the Danish lighting design experts Louis Poulsen. In 2016, the Panthella Mini was added to the Panthella collection, true to Panton in 12 vibrant colours. As the base of the Panthella lamps acts like a reflector, the small Panthella table lamp ensures a generous distribution of light. Since 2018, the Panthella Mini has also been produced in a colour variant for which Verner Panton has always had a weakness: the Panthella Mini Chrome. Technically impossible in Panton's lifetime, the Panthella Mini Chrome sees manufacturer Louis Poulsen pay tribute to design legend Verner Panton. In 2020 the Panthella Portable, a wireless and rechargeable table lamp, followed.

The Panthella Mini Chrome

Verner Panton's Panthella floor lamp

Wireless and rechargeable: Panthella Portable

Classic white Panthella table lamp