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Kant Monitor Panel

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The Kant Monitor Panel perfectly complements the Kant desk from Nils Holger Moormann. Designed by Patrick Frey and Markus Boge the Kant desk is, in keeping with the Moormann tradition, assembled without tools. A special feature of the Moormann desk is the indented rear edge which forms a right angle and thus the perfect space for books and folders, books and folders which would otherwise clutter the desk surface. The Kant Monitor Panel optimally extends both the Kant desk and its concept of controlled organisation by allowing for a secure and steady location for your monitor without having to sacrifice any desk space.


Product type Accessory for the Kant desk/bureau
Dimensions Width: 36 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Material FU (birch plywood)

Function & properties Suitable for the Kant desk or Kant bureau
Delivery includes 1 monitor plate
Care For cleaning, a soft, slightly damp cloth and a mild, neutral detergent are recommended.
Certificates & Sustainability The sustainability of Moormann products largely results from the use of natural materials and their processing into durable, often modular, products which offer the user the chance to adapt and modify them as required. For transporting and distribution an emphasis is placed on achieving small packing sizes and only using recycled / recyclable packaging material. Production of Moormann furniture is completed by regional workshops within a 40 km radius of the company headquarters in Aschau im Chiemgau.
Warranty 24 months
Datasheet Click for more information (ca. 1,0 MB).

Popular versions

Kant Monitor Panel, FU (plywood, birch) white, Kant Bureau
Kant Monitor Panel, FU (plywood, birch) white, Kant Desk
Kant Monitor Panel, FU (plywood, birch) black, Kant Bureau
Kant Monitor Panel, FU (plywood, birch) black, Kant Desk

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