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Elephant Sledge

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The plastic Elephant Sledge chair, named on account of the runners-shaped steel frame, only differentiates from the related Elephant Tube and Elephant Wood by its base: the seat shell of each version of the organic and at the same time clearly shaped Kristalia chairs is subtly modelled on the back of the popular pachyderm.


Product type Multi-purpose chair
Dimensions H 85 x W 62 x D 59 cm
Seat height 44 cm
Weight 7,8 kg
Material Seat shell made of polyurethane
Steel frame with plastic glides
Variants Frame optionally available as chrome plated, brushed steel or painted in the colour of the seat shell
Colours Seat shell


Function & properties The version with lacquered base is suitable for outdoor use.
Care For cleaning of plastic, please use a soft, damp cloth with no rough surface. Subsequent careful drying is recommended.
Warranty 24 months
Accessories Elephant cushion separately available
Product family Elephant Collection
Product datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 1,3 MB).
Product presentation

Popular versions

Elephant Sledge, black, Steel, Shell Colour
Elephant Sledge, White, Chrome-plated Steel
Elephant Sledge, White, Steel, Shell Colour
Elephant Sledge, White, Satin chrome steel
Elephant Sledge, Terracotta, Satin chrome steel
Elephant Sledge, Beige, Chrome-plated Steel
Elephant Sledge, Terracotta, Chrome-plated Steel
Elephant Sledge, black, Satin chrome steel
Elephant Sledge, Olive green, Steel, Shell Colour
Elephant Sledge, black, Chrome-plated Steel
Elephant Sledge, Terracotta, Steel, Shell Colour
Elephant Sledge, Beige, Satin chrome steel
Elephant Sledge, Olive green, Chrome-plated Steel
Elephant Sledge, Olive green, Satin chrome steel
Elephant Sledge, Beige, Steel, Shell Colour

Design Story


The Elephant Tube by Neuland Industriedesign, awarded the "The Best of Best Winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2012", is joined in the Kristalia family by its sister model the Elephant Sledge. The difference between the two is the steel sledge skid-shaped base of the later. The welcoming, fresh, form of the chair is reminiscent of the Kristalia Elephant Tube and, and as with the third chair in the family, the wooden framed Elephant Wood, is modelled on an elephant's back. With is gently curving base the Elephant Sledge presents a very compact, unassuming character, which is almost sculptural in its effect. The plastic seat shell is available in a range of colours making the Kristalia Elephant chair a reliable and practical all-rounder applicable in many situations both indoor or out, commercial or domestic.

The Kristalia Elephant Sledge (here with leather covers) is distinguished from the Elephant Tube and Elephant Wood through its frame.


Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher established Neuland Industriedesign in Munich in 1999 and initially concentrated on classic industrial design for the cosmetic, media and outdoor sectors before in 2005 the pair switched to concentrate on furniture. Since making the switch the pair have established a portfolio of projects with international furniture manufacturers such as, for example, Kristalia, Nils Holger Moormann, MDF Italia or Interlübke. The work of Paster and Geldmacher is based on the belief that products are an expression of a certain world view, from this position the designer duo saw a need to respond to changing values ??and social phenomena with new aesthetic expressions - innovation rather than chasing trend. In addition to designing both have also taught at the University of Applied sciences in Munich and won major industry awards including the Compasso d'Oro.

Proven quality: Kristalia chairs in stress tests

While the fame of the Elephant Sledge is based on a sled: here the seat shell being used as such.


The one-piece seat shell of the all-purpose Kristalia Elephant Sledge is injection moulded from rigid polyurethane: a material commonly used in medical equipment and which is characterized by its smoothness and resilience, yet which is also quite light and therefore ideally suited for the production of furniture. As with the Elephant Tube the Elephant Sledge is available in various tasteful colours with the frame available as chrome plated steel, brushed steel or lacquered, the latter being suitable for outdoor use . The runners of the Kristalia Elephant Sledge are fitted with plastic glides. As part of its quality and sustainability philosophy the Kristalia Elephant Sledge, Elephant Tube and Elephant Wood chairs are created from from renewable or recyclable materials chosen for their formal elegance an material durability.

Neuland Industriedesign a.k.a. Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher


As a manufacturer of contemporary Italian furniture design Kristalia has enriched the furniture market since 1994 with young, innovative designs that combine sophisticated aesthetics and formal minimalism. In particular Kristalia supports young designers and has established a creative and innovative portfolio characterised by unconventional production techniques and unfamiliar materials little used in the furniture industry. The Elephant Sledge by Neuland Industriedesign, for example, is crafted from polyurethane, a material more normal found in context of electro-medicine, yet which results in an inviting rounded seat. And it is not only the animal inspired designer chair which sets the imagination free - Kristalia generally favours fresh ideas and furniture designs which encourage individualism.

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