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Neuland Industriedesign

Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher met during their design studies at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. In 1997, they began to work together as Neuland Industriedesign, initially devoting themselves to the classical industrial design including games, medical devices, and cosmetics. In 2005, the two designers began to design furniture, designs for which they have received numerous prizes - from the Chicago Good Design Award to the IF Product Design Award. Among their numerous clients Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher count Kristalia, Nils Holger Moormann, MDF or Freifrau. In addition to their design work, both Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher are active as lecturers at their former educational institution, the Munich University of Applied Sciences. In 2015 they decided to go their own ways to allow them to focus more on individual projects.

Neuland Industriedesign: Eva Paster & Michael Geldmacher

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smow blog 2015. A pictorial review: April

...In 2015 however we managed to spice things up with an interview with Michael Geldmacher from Neuland Industriedesign on the method by which designers are paid and organising a survey of designers attitudes on how they are paid...

Michael Geldmacher: "I would always encourage any designer to at least attempt to get paid for the development of a project."

...Among those advocating for a change and the introduction of a more contemporary system that better reflects the modern reality is Michael Geldmacher from Munich based studio Neuland Industriedesign... Established in 1999 by Michael Geldmacher and Eva Paster Neuland Industriedesign initially concentrated on what they refer to as “classic industrial design (medical technology, outdoor products, games, cosmetics)” before in 2005 they switched their focus to concentrate exclusively on furniture design...

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