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Night Owl

Nicholai Wiig Hansen

"With a hard-wired curiosity, a pronounced desire to create, and great enthusiasm, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has never had any doubts that he would work as a designer."
Manufacturer Fritz Hansen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen founded his own design studio Wiig Hansen Design in 2007 together with Lars C. Pedersen - and that already at the age of 26. Nicholai sees himself as the target group for his creations and is simply inspired by everything that surrounds him in everyday life, be it nature, food or art. As the son of a talented ceramicist and the world-famous painter and sculptor Svend Wiig Hansen, it is the latter in particular that undoubtedly influences his creative drive.

Based in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, Studio Wiig Hansen Design is synonymous with Scandinavian sleek products, such as the Night Owl for Fritz Hansen. For the designer, light represents an essential as well as functional part of everyday life, and an aesthetic balance is essential. Unnecessary details are not Nicholai Wiig Hansen's style - he only has details and gimmicks when they serve a purpose and not for purely decorative reasons.

Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Fritz Hansen Night Owl with Swan Chair and Egg Chair

Night Owl with Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair