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SH900 Extend

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The compact oak table SH900 Extend can, thanks to a discreetly mounted technology, be "extended" from its basic 190 cm to an incredible 300 cm. Thus making it exceptionally suitable for large parties, family gatherings or groups of friends. Designed by Christina Strand & Niels Hvass in 2007 the SH900 Extend is produced by the Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn.


Product type Dining Table

Distance between legs (unextended) 168 x 64 cm
Material Tabletop and frame, solid oak
Extension element, lightweight MDF panel in black

Function & properties Extendable from 190 to 300 cm
Care Soaped wood:
In order to maintain the best possible quality, you should regularly wash soap treated furniture with soap and water. For daily maintenance, the use of a soft, moist wrung cloth with clean water is recommended. Please avoid using detergents or chemicals.

Oiled wood:
The ensure the maintenance of your furniture in the best possible quality oiling every six months is recommended. For daily maintenance, the use of a soft, moist wrung cloth with clean water is recommended. Please avoid using detergents or chemicals.

The Carl Hansen & Søn Wood Care Set is available separately:
Certificates & Sustainability Carl Hansen & Søn use woods exclusively sourced from sustainable forests, and oak principally from Danish forests managed in accordance with Denmark's National Forest Programme. In all cases the company follow the guidelines of the EU Timber Trade Regulation (Eutr)-2013.
Warranty 24 months
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Popular versions

SH900 Extend, Soaped oak
SH900 Extend, White oiled oak
SH900 Extend, Oiled oak

Design Story

The Design

With the SH900 Extend the Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn provides the ideal, elegant dining table for large family gatherings or long evenings with good friends, good food and good drinks. Designed by Christina Strand and Niels Hvass and released in 2007, the SH900 Extend is true to its name and extends from a compact 1.90 meters out to an incredible 3 meters, and that without losing the overall harmony of its appearance and its innate stability. This functionality is achieved not only on account of clear and uncompromising design of the dining table, but also from the noble oak, from which the SH900 Extend is manufactured. This purist, aesthetically charming dining table is as inviting, as you could wish from such a piece of furniture in its category only and moreover, it is consistent with the finest traditions of Scandinavian design, a tradition which which Carl Hansen & Søn helped establish through their cooperations with Hans J. Wegner and Arne Jacobsen in the 1950s

The extension shelf of the SH900 is made of lightweight MDF in black


"Inspiration is often to be found where nothing is - in silence, in the empty space. It should not be too much, and for those details that exist, there is a good reason", says Christina Strand, who since 1998 has operated a design studio in Copenhagen with her husband Niels Hvass. As a design duo Strand + Hvass follow the conviction of design as an opportunity to improve the condition of human life. Here the user is at the centre: function and beauty, simplicity and harmony are the goal of each design. Strand and Hvass are deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture and in context of their collaboration with Carl Hansen could develop this understanding of and respect for the finer traditions of Scandinavian design with their SH 900 Extend table.

A well thought-out construction can be its own decoration. (Hans J. Wegner)

SH900 dining table with CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner


The ingenious design of the Carl Hansen SH900 Extend dining table is defined by the built-in extension plates of lightweight black MDF which remain hidden inside when not extended, yet which allows the table to be extended to 3 meters if required. The distance between the legs is 1.68 meters is increased as the table extends, thus ensuring stability and safety. In addition to the MDF the SH900 Extend is crafted from solid oak, a material which not only brings warmth to the composition but also defines the overall aesthetic experience. As a principle Carl Hansen & Son processed predominantly hardwoods from Danish forests which are sustainably managed in accordance with legal guidelines. In the case of the Carl Hansen SH900 Extend this combination of exquisite oak, the clever design of Strand & Hvass and the know-how of the Danish furniture manufacturer have resulted in a unique and durable product.

The design of the SH900 Extend originates from Strand + Hvass.


The carpentry firm Carl Hansen & Søn was founded in 1908 and quickly established a strong reputation thanks to the high quality of its craftsmanship and resulting furniture. Thus the company, which initially only produced customized products, enlarged and expanded to include the serial production of the most popular pieces of furniture. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and expedient series production continues to characterize the portfolio of Carl Hansen: a major role in which plays Danish furniture design classics from the likes of Hans J. Wegner as well as furniture designs from the 1930s to 1960s by architects such as Kaare Klingt or Frits Henningsen. In addition to these classics Carl Hansen & Søn also present contemporary interpretations of the Scandinavian furniture design tradition - as evident in works such as the SH900 Extend by Strand + Hvass.

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