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Adjustable Table E 1027

by Eileen Gray, 1927 — from 808,00 €
ClassiCon Adjustable Table E 1027

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Adjustable Table E 1027

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The elegant Adjustable Table by Eileen Gray stands out formally with its distinctive shape, while its height adjustability makes it not just aesthetically pleasing but functional perfect as a side table. With its clean lines and formal reduction the E 1027 is a prime example of classical modern design. The Adjustable Table E 1027 Black Version is available separately.


Prodct type Side table

(1) Height: 64 - 102 cm
(2) Diameter: 52 cm
Material Table top: clear crystal glass, smoked glass or black lacquered metal
Frame: steel tube, chrome plated
Variants The Adjustable Table E 1027 Black Version is available separately
Colours Table top
Functions & Properties Height adjustable
Loadable up to max. 3-4 kg
Awards & Museum Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
MoMa, New York
Care Glass
Glass is a hard and relatively resistant material, yet it can be scratched by contact with a harder material. Thus, avoid contact with rough surfaces, sharp sand grains and metals.
Clean the glass regularly with a damp, soft cloth. Common household glass cleaner is recommended.

Chrome plating can be refreshed from time to time with an appropriate polish. A particularl shine is achieved by polishing with a dry, soft cloth.
Clean metals with lukewarm water and if necessary with a mild soap. For heavier soiling, a stainless steel cleaner helps. Remove all cleaners thoroughly and completely after use. Never use strong detergents!
Limited Warranty 20 years
Product datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,5 MB).
Product presentation


Adjustable Table E 1027, Crystal glass clear
Adjustable Table E 1027, Smoked glass grey
Adjustable Table E 1027, Black metal top


Should the answers to your questions not be found here, our service team can be contacted Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm via +49 341 2222 88 22.

Are replacement table tops available for the E 1027 Adjustable Table?

Yes. The table tops are separately available in the shop. Please note: Spare tops can only be combined with the original ClassiCon frame.

Why is their a fourth hole in the E 1027 Adjustable Table glass plate frame?

The "fourth hole" serves as a drain opening during the chrome plating process.

How do I know an E 1027 Adjustable Table is an original?

ClassiCon is the only licensed manufacturer of Adjustable Tables. On the table leg is an indelible imprint consisting of numbering, the signature of the designer and the manufacturer's name. This imprint guarantees the originality of the product.
For further information regarding original vs. plagiarism, please click on the picture (ca. 7,0 MB).

Design Story

The Design

The Adjustable Table E 1027 rightly counts as one of the highlights of classical modernism. Designed by Eileen Gray the Adjustable Table features a delicate, symmetrical, extending chrome plated steel frame characterised and topped by a circular glass plate. The table top is also available in a smoked, grey, glass and black metal. The table originated in context of the project E 1027, "Maison en bord de mer", in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Planned by Eileen Gray in collaboration with Jean Badovici the summer house on the Cote d'Azur is a modern open style. The enigmatic number-letter combination that gave both house, and table, its name is derived from the initials of the designers: E for Eileen, 10 for Jean (J = 10th letter in the alphabet), 2 for Badovici, 7 for Gray. The Eileen Gray Table combines a very fine, transparent aesthetic with a thoughtful functionality. Thus, for example, the Adjustable Table is adjustable not only in height, but the foot can also be placed perfectly under a bed, whereby the distance to the table top can also be regulated.

Imprint in an Adjustable Table leg


Eileen Gray, the designer Adjustable Tables E 1027, was born on 09.08.1878 in Ireland. Following painting studies in London Gray moved to Paris where, following a further course of studies, she began selling he work in 1922 through her own shop. Among the most important early influences on Eileen Gray was the work of Japanese lacquer artist Seizo Sugawara. It is thus no surprise that her work combines elements of Japanese Art Deco and the Modern Classic. Or that Eileen Gray's work is characterised by a clear, elegant style. Even though her furniture design work, such as the ClassiCon Adjustable Table remained relatively unknown during Gray's own lifetime, the designs are among the most important of the 20th century. A milestone in Eileen Gray's career is the 1927 summer house E 1027 in the South of France the 1927; the project for which Eileen Gray also created he famous side table. In 1973 the licenses for Gray's designs were acquired by London-based Aram Designs, thus allowing the serial manufacture of Eileen Gray's furniture to begin in earnest. On October 31st 1976 the designer and architect Eileen Gray died in France.

Historical Context

With her furniture designs of the 1920s and 30s Eileen Gray significantly contributed to the development of classical modernism. Even before Le Corbusier popularised the movement Eileen Gray created with her Adjustable Table E 1027 a furniture object dominated by chrome, leather and glass. In comparison t man of her contemporaries Eileen Gray's work seem appear more elaborately staged; ccompared, for example, to those of Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe the Eileen Gray tables and seating appear somewhat finer. More feminine. With the construction of her homes in Roquebrune (1927-29) and Castellar (1932-34) Eileen Gray made it an important contribution to the development of modern architecture. In recognition of her work as a designer Eileen Gray's Adjustable Table was in 1978 added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Eileen Gray furniture from ClassiCon

The Adjustable Table from ClassiCon with smoked glass


Based in Munich ClassiCon specialises in the manufacture of high quality designer furniture. In addition ClassiCon represents a production that is ecologically responsible and which employs exclusively using high quality materials and processes. Objects from the Classic Collection, a collection which also includes the Adjustable Table E 1027, are embossed with anengraved number and lettering, thus guaranteeing that each piece has been subject to ClassiCon quality control and that it is an original, licensed object. With the Eileen Gray side table the embossing, including a signature of the designer, can be found on the table leg. The frame of the Adjustable Tables is made of chrome plated tubular steel, the tabletop is made of clear crystal glass, smoked glass or black lacquered metal plate.

Eileen Gray: Designer of the Adjustable Table


ClassiCon produces Eileen Gray's designs as the exclusive worldwide manufacturer under license from rights holder of Aram Designs Ltd, London. ClassiCon was founded in 1990 by Stephan Fischer von Poturzyn in Munich and in addition to design classics like the Adjustable Table E 1027 or the clothes rack Nymphenburg also produce contemporary furniture designs by the likes of Konstantin Grcic, Sebastian Herkner or Barber Osgerby. All ClassiCon products share an elegant, timeless style and can also be effortlessly combined with each other, despite their different origins. In addition, thanks to the use of first-class materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, all ClassiCon furniture is characterised by a remarkable quality. A remarkable quality which has ensured that the still, relatively, young company has quickly made a worldwide name for itself and today is represented with showrooms in Zurich, Tokyo, Toronto, Sydney and Seoul.

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...Teetering precariously on the rocks above the Mediterranean E-1027 is not just an architectural wonder and testament to Eileen Gray's single minded pursuit of her goals, but also gifted the world some of her most important furniture designs, including the Non Conformist Chair, the Occasional Table and the E-1027 Adjustable Table...

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...Whereas Eileen Gray is today probably best known for furniture pieces such as the Adjustable Table or Bibendum Armchair, she was a fabulously prodigious talent and in an active career encompassing some seven decades her creative output ranged from oriental lacquer work and weaving over photography, water colours and on to the more familiar architecture and furniture design...

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...To celebrate their 20th anniversary ClassiCon are now offering a 20 year guarantee on the Adjustable Table by Eileen Gray... One of the true classics of 1920s design, Gray originally created the Adjustable Table - as with the chair Roquebrune and the Petite Coiffeuse - for her own house in Roquebrune on the Cote d'Azur...

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