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The HAL Collection

Jasper Morrison, one of the most successful product and furniture designers of the past decades and inventor of the Vitra HAL chair, pursues his very own design philosophy: for him, the term "supernormal" stands for good design - convenience and understatement. What at first may sound uninspired, Morrison realises with a skilful combination of charm and playful elegance, so that his designs never seem boring. The best example of this is his reinterpretation of the shell chair for Vitra, the Vitra HAL chairs created between 2010 and 2014. Morrison's focus on design was on functionality and ease of use, which is why the chairs are extremely simple and suitable for everyday use. In detail - with the swing of the seat shell, the strength of the chair legs and the combination of materials - the HAL chairs have their very own wit and a relaxed, soothing elegance. The HAL collection includes various models that use different materials, seat shells and bases, including HAL Wood with wooden chair legs, the Hal Tube with a four legged base made of tubular steel or the HAL bar stool, and all are versatile enough to be used in various areas, in public or domestic spaces.

The variety of the HAL Collection