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Carl Hansen & Søn

Care Kit Wood Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen & Søn Care Kit Wood Carl Hansen & Søn

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Care Kit Wood Carl Hansen & Søn

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Carl Hansen & Son recommends regular treatment of furniture, so as to ensure you can enjoy your furniture over many decades. If solid wood furniture is properly maintained and are regularly exposed to daylight, they develop a beautiful patina over the years, this special care kit from Carl Hansen & Son helps you ensure just that.


Product type Wood care
Variants For soaped, oiled or white oiled wood
Delivery includes 1 set consisting of cloth, sponge, sandpaper, fluid (200 ml soapy water or oil)

Before applying the soapy water lightly sand the surface of the furniture by hand with a sanding sponge or very fine sandpaper (180 or 240). Subsequently apply the soap water with a dry cloth or sponge, always moving in the direction of the wood grain on the entire piece of furniture. Wait after treatment for about 10 minutes. With a clean sponge or cloth that has been dipped in hot water and wrung well, rub the chair to remove residual soap. Do not use washing up liquid! Allow the furniture to dry well. Following the soap treatment, the wood is protected and does not require further treatment with oil or wax. After the first treatment with the soap solution it may occur that the wood fibres become prominent. In this case you can smooth the entire piece of furniture again with a sanding sponge or sandpaper (180 or 240). Always sanding in the direction of the wood fibres, i.e. parallel to the grain. After sanding, it is necessary to treat the furniture again with soapy water.


First clean the entire chair with a clean cloth wrung out in hot water. Leave the chair to dry. Before applying the oil sand the surface of the chair by hand with a sanding sponge or fine sandpaper (180 or 240). Then apply the oil with a clean cloth or sponge. Do not pour the oil directly on the wood! Always apply the oil in the direction of the wood grain and in an even, thin layer. It is important that you treat all surfaces of the furniture. Allow the oil soak into the wood for about two hours and then remove any excess oil with a clean, dry cloth. If there are cracks in the wood they can be removed by careful sanding. To do this, use a sanding sponge or fine sandpaper. It is important that you follow the lines of the wood fibres, i.e. sand parallel to grain. After each sanding wipe the chair with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust residue. Subsequently treat the furniture with oil as described above. CAUTION! Please note that towels and sponges soaked in oil can spontaneously ignite. Therefore you must ensure they are stored in an airtight metal or glass container and are so disposed.
Sustainability For their furniture Carl Hansen use wood principally sourced from sustainably managed Danish forests. The oils and soaps for the treatment of the wood as well as, for example, the paper cord used for the CH24 are also sourced following strict ecological criteria. The materials used are of biological origin, and as such also biodegradable while in their processing Carl Hansen strive to keep energy consumption as low as possible. In addition the durability and long life cycle of the furniture aids and abets the environmental responsibility of Carl Hansen products.
Warranty 24 months

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