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String System Work Desk

by Kajsa & Nisse Strinning, 1949 — from 140,00 €
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String System Work Desk

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140,00 € *
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The String System Work Desk expands the design classics of Kajsa and Nisse Strinning through the option of a small workplace. Designed in 1949, the String shelving system offers numerous configuration options and adapts perfectly to the respective room situation.


Product type Desk for the String shelving system
Dimensions Length: 78 cm
Depth: 58 cm

Colours Paint


Material MDF, painted or plywood, veneered
Function & properties The String shelving system is individually configurable. Combine side walls with matching shelves and other accessories.

Simply design your individual indoor or outdoor String shelving system in the String configurator and purchase directly online from smow. Open the String configurator now!
Assembly Please click on the picture for viewing or downloading the assembly instructions (ca. 1,0 MB).
Delivery includes 1 desk top incl. shelf supports
Side panels as wall ladder or floor ladder as well as shelves available separately.
Care To clean, a soft, damp cloth is recommended.
Awards & museum 1949: 1st place in the bookshelf competition run by the Swedish publisher "Bonniers folkbibliotek"
1979: Inclusion in the design collection of the Swedish National Museum
Certificates & Sustainability The dimensions of the String system have remained unchanged since 1949, as such each unit, regardless of age can be easily modified and extended as required.
Warranty 24 months
Product family All String Products

Popular versions

String System Work Desk, Black ash veneer
String System Work Desk, Oak veneer
String System Work Desk, Ash veneer
String System Work Desk, Grey lacquered
String System Work Desk, Walnut veneer
String System Work Desk, White lacquered

The String System

The Design

In 1949 a Swedish book publisher launched a competition: for a new generation of Swedish bookworms a new Swedish book shelf was sought! It should be inexpensive, easy to send and easy to assemble. The architect and designer Nils "Nisse" Strinning and the designer Kajsa Strinning had for a long time been considering how to realise just such a shelf. The competition was the excuse to start working in a more concentrated fashion. Their subsequent design won the first place and is today considered a genuine classic of Scandinavian furniture designs.

The String shelf system is as simple as it is ingenious. Every element of the string system is so designed so as to allow an almost infinite range of variations. The filigree side panels allow even large shelf configurations to still appear light and unobtrusive; the petite rack is nevertheless stable and offers, for example, books and CDs secure grip. Shelves of different depths and colours can be combined to suit both your individual needs and the the demands of the available space; and because the system in based on elements whose dimensions have remained unchanged since 1949 existing String systems can be redesigned and extended as and when required.

One system - Endless possibilities


The basis of any String configuration is the side panels. Choose wall and/or floor ladders in your preferred sizes and colours and add shelves or other elements such as the cabinet with sliding doors, to create your own individual piece of furniture for the required space. As a universal shelving system string is suitable for walls large or small and for any given space, be that, living room, nursery or study. Simply design your individual indoor or outdoor String shelving system in the String configurator and purchase directly online from smow. Open the String configurator now!

Designer Nils Nisse Strinning

The String configurator for individual shelving solutions


String System Wall Panel
String System Floor Panel
String System Shelves (Set of 3)

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