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Sunflower Clock Black

by George Nelson, 1958 — 1.295,00 €
Vitra Sunflower Clock Black

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Sunflower Clock Black

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1.295,00 € *
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The Vitra Sunflower Clock Black is a re-edition of George Nelson's distinctive classic design from 1958 in black. The filigree clock from the series of Nelson wall clocks is made of birch and has a high quality quartz movement. The unique form of the sculptural Vitra clock is based on a sunflower head and transform an everyday item into a work of art.


Product type Clock

Dimensions in mm
Material Petals: ash wood, black
Body: metal
Variants Alternatively available as standard Sunflower Clock
Delivery includes High quality quartz clockwork and battery included
Care Dust and lint can be removed with a soft duster.
Assembly Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,9 MB).
Certificates & Sustainability Vitra conform to
ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality management systems)
ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental management systems)
Warranty 24 months
Product family Nelson Wall Clocks
Datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,4 MB).

Design Story

The Design

Sophistication in layered birch: A true classic among the Vitra Wall Clocks the Sunflower Clock combines aesthetics and functionality, by turning time-telling a filigree wooden flower. Designed by George Nelson in 1958 the Sunflower Clock Black belongs to the series of wall clocks created between 1948 and 1960 for the Howard Miller Clock Company. Howard Miller, son of the furniture magnate Herman Miller, had learned the craft of clock-making in Germany's Black Forest, and in the Howard Miller Clock Company - a subsidiary of the Hermann Miller Furniture Company - had the opportunity to express his technical expertise. George Nelson, since 1945 Creative Director for Hermann Miller, delivered the innovative design. Since 1990 Vitra has produced the Nelson wall clocks with the family of sculptural entities in a variety of shapes and materials. The ornate objects are complemented by a high quality quartz movement.

Designer George Nelson


After studying architecture at Yale George Nelson won a scholarship to Rome through which he came into contact with classical European modernism, the buildings and for all their protagonists such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. Experiences which were to have a large influence on the young architect. The modernist belief that design is a way to make the world better, influenced his subsequent work, be that for the magazine "Architectural Forum" or from 1945 as design director of the Herman Miller Furniture Company. One of the leading figures in the development of American design, he invited the likes of Charles & Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Alexander Girard to work with Herman Miller and thus ensured the realization and dissemination of their designs. In addition, Nelson ran his own studio, creating designs such as the Vitra Sunflower Clock Black, which have become characteristic for the "Mid-Century-Modern". From 1957 onwards Nelson operated closely with the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, and since his death in 1989 the George Nelson Archive has been held by the Vitra Design Museum.


The designs of George Nelson, including the Nelson Sunflower Clock Black, are closely associated with Vitra. After the Herman Miller Furniture Company ceased production of the clocks in the 1980s, production was resumed in the 1990s by the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, a firm who had long worked closely with George Nelson. The ideals of Vitra and George Nelson are very much as one: Design is regarded as a way to make the world better, everyday objects are given a value that helps them unlock the value of everyday life itself. Vitra is in addition the European representative of the ideas of Ray & Charles Eames, Verner Panton, Alexander Girard and contemporary designers such as Jasper Morrison, Maarten van Severen and Hella Jongerius. Aside from products, the Vitra Campus and the Vitra Design Museum make an important contribution to the understanding and innovation of modern and contemporary design.

The Sunflower Clock Black belongs to the Vitra Special Edition Black Collection


The perfect form of the Vitra Sunflower Clock Black is achieved thanks to strips of layered and moulded birch which are formed into fine lines of an elaborate flower and thus transform an essentially functional object into a floral wall decoration. Combined with metal pointers the result is a shape that is simple and innovative at the same time. In principle very simple, the uniqueness of the George Nelson Sunflower Clock arises from the idea behind its formation, as is the case with all designs in the Nelson clock family. The Vitra Wall Clocks are manufactured by Vitra largely via manual processes using high-quality raw materials, thus objects such as the Sunflower Clock underscore the principle of sustainability practised by the Swiss manufacturer. The resultant Vitra Accessories and furniture are thus highly durable - both materially by their value as timeless classics.

The Vitra Wall Clocks by George Nelson

Historical Context

Economic boom and the belief in the power of the future went hand in hand in 1950s America. As the consumer society developed the shape and appearance of everyday objects played an increasingly important role as a selling point. Modern design helped thus not only furniture but also other objects of everyday use find their place in American households. Against this background George Nelson designed collections of everyday objects such as lamps, clocks and other home accessories. The unmistakable formal language of organic modernism plays an important role, gives the objects an aura of optimism and dynamism, and ensured that even as times and society have evolved, objects such as the Sunflower Clock have remained icons of modern design. Produced by Vitra since the 1990s in 2013 the company launched as part of their Black Collection a variant of the Nelson wall clock in black lacquered ash, the Sunflower Clock Black.

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