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Sunflower Clock
Eye Clock
Star Clock
Sunburst Clock Black
Sunflower Clock Black
Cone Clock
Omar the Owl
Turbine Clock
Tripod Clock
Fernando the Fish
Ball Clock
Fan Clock
Ceramic Clock
Elihu the Elephant
Chronopak Clock
Spindle Clock
Sunburst Clock
Asterisk Clock
Popsicle Clock
Cone Base Clock
Wheel Clock
Night Clock
Petal Clock Black
Polygon Clock
Flock of Butterflies
Diamond Clock
Night Clock Black

Vitra Clocks

George Nelson Wall Clocks from Vitra

With high-quality design classics and decorative home accessories from the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra one is always making a wise choice: Vitra can look back on 50 years of experience and success and has established a broad portfolio of first-class products in cooperation with well-known international designers. This also includes the Vitra clocks, in particular the famous table, children and wall clocks by the American mid-century designer George Nelson. Nelson's clock designs were created in 1948 for the Howard Miller Clock Company, which was a subsidiary of the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. The Vitra timepieces impress with their aesthetic versatility and the ingenuity of the designer: George Nelson found a unique, original design solution for every Vitra clock. With a choice of more or less playful models in different sizes and in discreet to brightly coloured designs, the perfect Nelson clock can be found for every taste and situation.

Sunburst Clock from Vitra

Vitra Asterisk Clock

George Nelson Desk Clocks from Vitra

Petal Clock Black from Vitra

Vitra Star Clock by George Nelson

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