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The Girard Wooden Dolls

The charmingly eccentric Wooden Doll ensemble was created by Alexander Girard and is based in his fascination with traditional folk art objects. Originally, the American designer created the wooden figures in 1953 for his house in Santa Fe and made the dolls by hand. Today 22 models of Wooden Dolls from Alexander Girard are produced by Vitra. The hand-painted Vitra Wooden Dolls are not only extremely well travelled and enterprising, they also each have a different character - cheerful, grim, sad or tired, and yet all equally as adorable. With their variety of shapes, colours and patterns they refer to Girard's real passion, textile design, where the entire oeuvre of the mid-century designer is inspired by his intense involvement with the folk art of South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Travels of the Vitra Wooden Dolls

The Wooden Dolls on their summer holidays

Wooden Doll No. 18 in the pool

Wooden Doll No. 7 on the beach in Greece

Wooden Doll No. 2 enjoys a splendid summer day

Wooden Doll No. 13 in Tuscany

Wooden Doll No. 1 makes friends in the Alps

Wooden Doll No. 17 visits Lac Léman

Wooden Doll No. 2 in Donegal, Ireland

Alexander Girard's Dolls No. 2 & 12 on an infinite stone beach

Green in Green: Wooden Doll No. 17 at Skogafoss, Iceland

The Wooden Doll No. 18 shopping on Crete

The Wooden Doll No. 1 in the Orient

Vitra Wooden Dolls No. 16 & 22 relaxing on the beach

Wooden Doll No. 11 building sandcastles on the Baltic Sea coast

The Wooden Dolls on their winter holidays

Girard Wooden Doll No. 6 skiing

Vitra Wooden Dolls No. 12 & 15 take a short break

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 6 enjoying the sun/snow mix

Die Wooden Doll No. 20 loves its snowchum

The Wooden Dolls on city breaks

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 15 enjoys a Street Art Tour

Alexander Girard's Doll No. 2 in Cologne

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 4 visits the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul

Wooden Doll No. 17 enjoys Munich

Alexander Girard's Doll No. 10 high above Copenhagen

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 12 in Prague

Wooden Doll No. 2 von Alexander Girard in London

Wooden Doll No. 3 visits the MoMA, New York

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 2 at the Guggenheim Bilbao

Girard's Little Devil in Marrakech

..... but occasionally also at home

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 10 loves its dog...

... and cat

Girard's Wooden Dolls No. 2 & 12 enjoy autumn

No. 17 from Girard spending time with its tomatoes

The Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls in the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 17 is no fan of chopping wood...

Alexander Girard's Wooden Doll No. 13 celebrates easter

Vitra Wooden Doll No. 3 rocking with AC/DC

Wooden Doll No. 18 biting of more than it can chew...

Girard Wooden Doll No. 10 on the train

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