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Centro Stool / Side Table

OK Design

Jacob Fasting, Kirsten Krogh and their team are OK Design. Based in the Danish capital Copenhagen, OK design's works are characterised by the clean lines realised from materials such as metal and fabric. Jacob Fasting showed his entrepreneur spirit early on when he founded the first bicycle courier service in Mexico City. After working there for five years, in 2007 he founded, together with the architect Kirsten Krogh, Oficina Kreativa - now better known as OK Design. OK Design since then is focussing on bringing traditional Mexican furniture designs to the European market. The Acapulco Chair from OK Design is produced in a very sustainable manner, both with respect to the materials used and the working conditions: the Danish company also has offices in Mexico City and Cairo and is striving to create local jobs under particularly fair conditions in areas that are otherwise characterised by unemployment. The fact that Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh have devoted themselves to the best possible working conditions also benefits the customer: OK Design have developed a very special PVC which is used, for example, in the Acapulco Chair, and is free of phthalates and heavy metals. The Acapulco Chair Mini is especially suited as a children's chair.

Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh have committed themselves to sustainability and fair working conditions