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Schaukelsessel no. 9 Miniature

Kohn & Thonet

Behind the name Kohn & Thonet one doesn't find two designers but rather the result of a long, bitter struggle for one of the most sought-after production techniques of the 19th century. In 1836, Michael Thonet, who was a trained carpenter, was able to produce chairs from bentwood, thus laying the foundations for industrial furniture production. The chairs, among them the famous chair No. 14 - better known as the coffee house chair - are all characterised by their extremely reduced, elegant design. The growing interest in Thonet furniture saw ever more manufacturers wishing to exploit. In 1856, Jacob and Joseph Kohn, themselves furniture producers, protested against Thonet's patent arguing the process was not truly innovative. With the limit of the patent approaching, Thonet gave up their patent and allowed others to join the market. However, lower sales during and after the First World War forced the Kohn brothers to join Mundus Holding and in 1923 the former competitors joined forces as Thonet-Mundus, thereby securing their place on the international market.