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Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic (*1965 Munich/Germany) initially completed a apprentiship as furniture carpenter before going on to study Industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London. Following his graduation he spent 12 months working with Jasper Morrison before establishing his own bureau Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID) in 1991. His work is typified for all by it's simplicity and clarity of form. By Konstantin Grcic's own admission one of the simplest pieces he has designed is his shelving system ES for Moormann. Grcic's most famous design however is his lamp "Mayday" for which he has collected numerous awards and which belongs to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg Graduate Show 2023: Unfinished Business

...Konstantin Grcic's Open Design class... And analogue vernacular technology that has proven its worth in North Africa and the Middle East over time, and which arguably has a place, and an important function, in Europe going forward, that, we'd argue, is very much reflected in and embodied by the Fiasco radiatore developed by Valerio Sampognaro in context of Konstantin Grcic's Open Design class...

#officetour Milestones – A chair "just high enough that one can sit half-standing"

...And Konstantin Grcic's 360° stool for Magis, that contemporary re-interpretation of Nelson and Probst's work... And in many regards it is only really in the 21st century that the perch, the half-standing sitting solution has become established in offices, arguably, being popularly revived through works such as, for example, Plint by Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow for Materia from 2001, or Konstantin Grcic's aforementioned 360° stool for Magis from 2009...

Furnishing the Metaverse.......

...Questions of furnishing the Metaverse, questions of furniture for the Metaverse, which were very much in our minds as we toured Konstantin Grcic...

Konstantin Grcic. New Normals at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin

...With the exhibition New Normals at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Konstantin Grcic presents some exceedingly odd things and in doing so invites us all to reflect on the fact that that which is not yet, will one day be... New normal is, yes, very much a term associated with the Covid pandemic; however, as Konstantin Grcic is keen to underscore, New Normals is not a Covid pandemic exhibition, is an exhibition whose development began in the pandemic but at a time when all assumed that by January 2022 the pandemic would be behind us, would be an ex-normal, and is thus an exhibition which has its origins less in the new normal of the face mask or the later flow test as in more general objects and rituals which initially appeared strange, alien, but quickly established themselves as thoroughly normal, Grcic naming examples such as urban surveillance cameras or smartphones...

Orgatec Cologne 2014: Vitra

...At Orgatec 2014 that programme has been extended by, amongst other works, new collaborations with Konstantin Grcic and Antonio Citterio and a re-edition of works by Jean Prouvé... The medial highlight will unquestionably be the "Hacker Workshop" featuring Konstantin Grcic's Allstar office chair and Hack table...

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