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Norman Foster

Norman Foster, one of the most successful contemporary architects, was born in 1935 in Manchester. The son of a working class family Foster demonstrated from an early age an aptitude and talent for architecture and after studying architecture at the University of Manchester and receiving a scholarship to the Yale School of Architecture, Norman Foster was a co-founder of the architectural firm Team 4, from which in 1967 Foster Associates emerged. This projected worldwide as Foster + Partners architectural projects and is today one of the most prestigious architecture studios. Norman Foster's buildings set global standards for smart modern architecture, so much so that in addition to winning numerous international architecture awards, including the Pritzker Prize and the Gold Medal for Architecture from the American Institute of Architects, the Queen honoured him with the title Lord Foster of Thames Bank.

Norman Foster's collaboration with the German manufacturer Walter Knoll, began in context of furnishings for the Berlin Reichstag building and has resulted several programs including the sofas and armchairs Foster 500 series.

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