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Stacking Bed
Tagedieb Stacking bed
Flai Bed
Kids stacking bed
Lönneberga MDF with Drawer
Plane Bed
Lönneberga with Drawer
Modular Bedside Table
Lönneberga MDF
Bauhaus Cradle
Bett drawer 16
Flai Bedside Table

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Radio smow: A Beds Playlist.......

...Procrustean Beds - Obstacles An instrumental, but the title of the Danish three piece's 2010 track brings us to one of the more unpleasant beds in Greek mythology; not that we can imagine the beds of Greek antiquity were particularly comfortable to begin with, but that belonging to the Attican smith Procrustes stands as an especially uncomfortable representative of the genre, for, as we learn from Diodorus of Sicily, Procrustes "compelled the travellers who passed by to lie down upon a bed, and if any were too long for the bed he cut off the parts of their body which protruded, while in the case of such as were too short for it he stretched their legs"2 Which not only wouldn't get him that many ★★★★★ reviews, but means the Procrustean Bed exists as the perfect analogy for structures which deform, contort and simplify a policy or objective to make it fit; for imposing uniformity upon complex systems; for processes where the means are misused to ensure a preconceived end is reached; of what Keith M...

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